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Subtle Physiology

Subtle Physiology & the Chakras many centuries, the subtle physiology of Hindu philosophy was illustrated with seven strange “wheels” called chakras along the central column of the body.

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Light Circulation

Light Circulation System According to Hurtak (1994), this network of light is related to a fifth circulatory system of a more subtle nature, related to quantum

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Dr. Bernard Siegel The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing – Bernie Siegel Presenters: Dr. Bernie Siegel Describing the elements necessary for self-induced healing, mind-body interactions and unity of mind and body, learning from patients who

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Dr Ramila Padiachy

Dr. Ramila Padiachy Interview

Ramila Padiachy, founder and owner of Ramila’s Healing Arts Clinic in Ottawa is internationally recognized as an accomplished healer, Doctorate of Natural Medicine® and public speaker. Originally from South Africa, where she owned and managed two businesses with her husband – following a career in the food and chemical industries – she was faced with a career-changing decision when she immigrated to Canada. Ramila made the leap, following the voice that told her she “needed to work with and help people,” to pursue a career in complementary medicine.

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Dr. Jeff Bleich

Dr. Jeff Bleich Interview

Dr. Bleich is the founder and CEO of Pulson, Inc. The company’s first product is the Counterpace® guidance system, a sensor-based training platform that leverages a recent breakthrough in exercise science to enhance performance, efficiency, experience and health during most aerobic activities. Initially launched for competitive runners, their published work supports the benefits of the technology across a variety of sport, fitness, and medical applications.

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Holistic Anatomy

Holistic Anatomy Introduction The Art of Medicine has developed along with a growing understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Before we understood the mechanics of the

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Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten Interview

Dr. Shafi Ahmed, world famous surgeon, on why this is the MOST exciting time in the history of medicine.

Professor Shafi Ahmed is a surgeon, teacher, futurist, innovator, entrepreneur and an evangelist in augmented and virtual reality. He is a 3x TEDx and an international keynote speaker. He is a cancer surgeon at The Royal London and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals and has been awarded the accolade of the most watched surgeon in human history. As a dedicated trainer, educator, and Associate Dean of Bart’s Medical School, he was awarded the Silver Scalpel award in 2015 as the best national trainer in surgery by the Association of Surgeons in Training.

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Carmen Morcos

Carmen Morcos Interview

As a first generation American with Bolivian and Syrian parents, and through her education at Georgetown (MBA + Masters in Foreign Service), her view of the world is informed by multiple paradigms. She is the founder of Impact Visionary and provides coaching and holistic therapies.

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