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We Believe in Affordable Tuition for Every Student

Quantum University’s degree programs cost only a fraction of most private colleges and universities. Additionally, the online learning platform at Quantum University permits you to work full-time while you study, enabling you to maintain a steady income.

Tuition costs are customized based on your educational background and the level of higher education you want to pursue. Many financial options for investing in your future are available, and our Admission Advisors can help you find the option that’s right for you.
Please contact our Admissions Department so we can provide you with individualized tuition and tuition awards tailored to your practical needs, budget, and goals.
Become a Student
"Quantum University honors Dr. Charlene Reeves, PhD, as a Quantum Hero."
- Dr. Paul Drouin

Tuition Options

Quantum University offers a variety of tuition plans including an in-house financing program with no interest and no credit check, which allows students to make a minimal monthly payment, enabling them to afford their education without going into debt.

Tuition Awards

A Tuition Award is a program that offers a discount, reducing the cost of tuition for new students at Quantum University through our Humanitarian Program. All tuition awards give a direct financial reduction on a student’s tuition cost at enrollment.

Educational Tools

Quantum University offers educational tools such as a Lenovo Smart Tab Device and/or BrainTap, depending on the tuition plan a student chooses during the admissions process. Both these educational tools greatly benefit the learner during his or her student experience.

Learn about our Admissions Process and Speak with an Advisor

Our Admission Advisors are able to answer all questions about the admission process and the different courses and degree programs available.

Kelina sm

Kelina Wolfe

Admissions Director

Mission Statement: To inspire and equip others to reach their divine potential by sharing the education at Quantum University.

Keahe sm

Keahe Lindsey

Admissions Advisor

Mission Statement: To help people fulfill their dreams by following their passion to further their education and help others.


Nai'a Perkins

Admissions Advisor

Mission Statement: My goal is to help students achieve their healthcare potential.

Let’s Chat about Your Future

If you are seeking a way to advance your career or start a new one helping others heal naturally, we want to help you reach your goals. Our Admission Advisors are able to answer any and all questions about the admission process and the different courses and degree programs available.

Just 9 Steps to Starting Your Degree Program


Get Information

Request Information using one of our online forms or call us at (833) 366-0363


Have a consultation by phone or email with one of our Admission Advisors.


Review Goals
Review educational background and discuss completion time, budget, and career goals.


Receive Outline
Receive an email outlining your proposed curriculum, tuition information, and any applicable tuition awards.


Your advisor will help clarify the tuition payment options available, and any other questions.


Get Started
Enroll at any time. Tell your Admission Advisor when you are ready to get started.


We will email you a link to a Registration Form that you will fill out and submit online to get started.


Welcome Call

Receive username and password by email and schedule your welcome call with your Student Mentor.


Course Access!
Officially begin your degree program at Quantum University and get full access to the student coursesite.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree at Quantum University

Students and Graduates Can Take Advantage of Many Opportunities and Benefits of Earning a Degree or Certification at Quantum University
Qualify for healthcare credentials that enhance your professional career and lead to social and professional recognition in the academic world, your field of practice, and the health industry.
Earning a PhD degree allows you to use the title “Dr.” and gives speakers, authors, and experts the opportunity and credibility to write and lecture professionally and gain the respect of their peers.
Learn from renowned faculty members and study an integrative medical curriculum through online videos, documents, exams, and other innovative learning technologies.
Become eligible for group rates on malpractice and liability insurance and reimbursement of service fees by insurance companies, depending on the country and certification board.
Becoming board certified in your professional field confirms you as an authority in the domain of integrative medicine and increases your potential for advancement in your career.
Adding a credential in Integrative Medicine and the title of PhD is highly beneficial to healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses looking for more recognition and prestige.
In-Demand Authority
Acquire leading-edge knowledge and practical skills that are in high demand in today’s healthcare industry, which you can directly apply to achieving your professional career goals.
Become affiliated with professional organizations to take advantage of numerous membership benefits, including being listed in their nationally-published membership directory.
Depending on educational background and the board certification, a scope of practice can allow certified practitioners to open a new wellness center or expand an existing clinic.

Our tuition is a fraction of the price of other institutions. Benefit from our affordable payment plans tailored to fit most budgets, and earn Tuition Awards to further reduce your tuition.


Attend your online classes at any time, in any place, and at any pace that fits your busy lifestyle through an online student coursesite with video courses and portable Smart Tab Education.

Gain professional credentials and recognition throughout North America, with access to international credentials in many other countries throughout the world.

Building the Future of Natural Medicine…

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