Take Control of Your Health – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Presenter: Dr. Joseph Mercola

America is battling an epidemic of illness and poor health. Let’s face the facts: cancer and heart disease are at all-time highs. Two out of three Americans are overweight, while one out of three is obese. The number of diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals is also rising.

Health care in the Unites States is among the world’s most expensive, yet almost 100,000 patients die each year due to medical errors and malpractice. Some 1.5 million patients suffer from medication and prescription mistakes. Big pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars, but over 100,000 people still die annually from adverse drug effects.

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Unless something is done immediately, the next generation may experience a shorter lifespan than their forbearers. Natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola is determined to help stop this trend by empowering you to take control of your health.

*This presentation was part of our online event, World Congress of Integrative Medicine 2017.

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