Quantum Creativity (Introduction)

Quantum Creativity

Introduction to the 4 series blog: How Incorporating Quantum Creativity Can Contribute to the Healing Process

Recently I was interviewed on a podcast – SheQuest by Estelle Thomson (artist, yoga teacher, Psy M, and my daughter). Listen to the full podcast below:


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When we came to the subject of creativity, I realized how important this aspect is in an era where artificial Intelligence and digital healthcare are becoming more and more important in re-shaping the future of healthcare. 

I agree that these new trends will be game changers in the next decade as we integrate a more preventive model of medicine.

But while these new technologies can have major repercussions in the management of information and the dynamic of the practitioner/client relationship, they are not even close to the power of creativity in the process of healing. 

Healing is an art in which intuition and creativity are at play and where the real power of healing resides.

The phenomenon of spontaneous healing, for example, described in the 1990s by Dr. Deepak Chopra, is one mysterious healing event that can be understood only through quantum creativity and quantum physics.

Quantum medicine continues to bring more details to our understanding of the mechanics of spontaneous healing, as revealed by quantum physics. Dr. Amit Goswami has once again pushed the boundaries of our comprehension of this phenomenon by adding the core concept of Quantum Creativity. 

Quantum Creativity is described as having four stages: Preparation, Incubation, Sudden Insight, and Manifestation. This series of blogs will expand upon each of these stages. 

For more details, I again refer the reader to the book The Quantum Doctor, whose content has been further refined in the development of classes that are now part of the curriculum at Quantum University.

The future model of integrative medicine could include training doctors and other healthcare practitioners to blend these two important aspects of healing: the capacity to master the complex flow of scientific information that includes analysis reports and testing, and the power of intention and creativity. The environment of healing is an echo system that surrounds the client’s need to be open to the field of all possibilities, where even unexpected results can be manifested. 

Creative Integrative Medicine

One of the major realizations I have had regarding this matter of creativity is that we are dealing with a client/patient who is much more than just a diagnosis of disease. Rather, each client is a subject within which an imbalance has manifested and within whom this manifestation can be reversed. 

The technology of quantum healing resides in the understanding that a client himself or herself is always entangled with the awareness of the practitioner/doctor who plays an important role in guiding their process of healing.

Ideally, the practitioner/doctor will provide the best environment or the optimal conditions for these creative events to occur. When you look closely at these optimal conditions, however, you see that the conventional model of medicine most often fails to provide them. Sometimes the field of natural medicine, too, by reproducing the same model of thinking as conventional medicine, also makes un faux pas when setting up a new model for healing.

To make something new happen (healing), we must do something different. Dr. Deepak Chopra, in his book Quantum Healing, describes the quantum leap as “a new awareness about the reality in which the client could be caught and has created this deadly condition” (Chopra 1989). In the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?! this phenomenon is well illustrated, adding in the understanding of the emotional chemistry that is associated with it. 

It is of vital importance that we identify the ideal conditions in which creativity and spontaneous healing can occur. Would you not be excited to understand these conditions and to know how doctors, healthcare practitioners, and other healers can be trained in this knowledge?  More to follow…

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