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Medical Education for the Future

By Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., Founder and President, Quantum University

What are the different elements that will define university health education in the future? This blog will review the most critical components that must be addressed.

Before we begin, let’s ask the question, Are we totally satisfied with the outcome of our current medical and natural medicine curriculum in terms of their results or impact on our quality of life, longevity, and the management of health?

The cost of healthcare focused on disease has quadrupled in the last decade, and we still don’t have a cure for the major causes of death in our society, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, other than dealing with the symptoms with pharmaceutical and surgical treatments that themselves result in the third-highest cause of death.

  1. The medical university of the future will have to deal with a broader perspective of reality that can integrate the management of disease, as well as the management of health. In my recent blog: Immersive Digital Medicine, I have elaborated on the importance of a new type of evaluation based on health parameters. If you maintain your focus on health management, then, clearly, your observations should look at health, rather than disease.
  2. Introducing the next generation of physicians to a new model of education based on the premise of looking at reality from the point of view of quantum physics opens up infinite possibilities for healing. It is important to note that the idea is not to erase what we have acquired so far through science and technology. Rather, it is to integrate this knowledge into a broader model of understanding and to incorporate modalities of healing that require an acknowledgment of the subtle energies that exist and cause effects beyond what the linear model of biology, chemistry, and conventional physics shows us.
  3. By redefining the scientific premises that form the basis of our current medical education, which means moving from a linear conventional model to a multidimensional model based on quantum physics, a “Pro-Consciousness Medicine” is emerging. Scientists, doctors, healers, and communities are exploring this amazing new dimension of the quantum-consciousness connection and integrating it with medicine to produce amazing results. Pro-Consciousness medicine is simply the merging of quantum physics with energy healing modalities that focus on healing the whole body by realizing and utilizing the power of consciousness. 
  4. Throughout the world, people and communities are awakening to the idea that Western and modern medicines are lacking in results, if not proving to be outright detrimental to our bodies, and are recognizing that individuals can take healing into their own hands. The right to heal ourselves has been consigned to doctors or healthcare providers for too long, but people are now realizing the power of consciousness and natural medicine to promote true healing. A new medical curriculum will require the fundamental keys of the democratization of healing and the teaching of meditation to achieve health sovereignty. When the healer is dissociated from his client or patient, the reality of entanglement, as described by quantum physics, and the power of meditation to promote healing can no longer respond. 

Science has documented that when we practice daily meditation and visualization, we enhance our inner ability to change ourselves at the quantum level. Meditation opens the door to a new level of health and vitality, giving us higher functioning of our physiology through the resulting brain wave states and new altered states of consciousness. We applaud the coming of AI (artificial intelligence) in our educational environment, but we should also be excited to improve the rewiring of our brain for a higher capacity of understanding and to integrate a multidimensional reality.

  1. Recently, the whole world of education is experiencing a major crisis related to COVID-19 that is still not resolved. An entire generation of students at all levels has been put on standby or slowed down in the process of acquiring critical information in their preparation for a career or in acquiring competencies that have consequences on many aspects of our society. 

The adaptability and capacity of the collective consciousness to face new challenges are directly related to education and its capacity to communicate knowledge and information. The conventional model of education must be radically transformed through a hybrid system where online education is updated to virtual reality. The younger generation is not responding very well to the delivery of information in the current online format. Not only is human contact insufficient, but the delivery is often boring. Virtual reality will create an environment that is more suitable and even addictive to a generation that is already engaged in computer apps and games. 

The other aspect is to create annual educational events where students are immersed in a very creative environment where they can experience uplifting learning opportunities that present new discoveries and scientific advancements. The old-fashioned college and university environment has become too political, toxic, and biased around polarized ideas. Free thinking and non-attachment to the old model of science or thinking must be available for a quantum leap with its infinite possibilities to become possible through consciousness.

Quantum University has already integrated many of these elements, beginning with updating the model of science to the reality of quantum physics. Since 2007, our model for the delivery of information has been at the cutting edge with online learning, iPad education, Superlearning with BrainTap technology (enhancing the learning process through light and sound), a 3-D web platform for conventions and summits, meditation training, and the Muse headband for monitoring meditation, the Qoach by QU app to manage health parameters at a distance, and virtual reality. As time passes and everything eventually returns to normal after the COVID crisis, Quantum University will continue to host conventions and educational events presenting the latest advances in natural and medical education. If you want to learn more and obtain a holistic health career, explore our degree programs in holistic and natural medicine today!

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Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Drouin has explored and successfully integrated aspects of alternative natural healing practices and evaluation techniques with conventional medicine to provide the best outcome for his patients, dedicating his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Creative Integrative Medicine.


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