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Reset, 2021

By Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., Founder and President, Quantum University

Let’s start 2021 by proclaiming it to be the Year of Health Potential and empowering everyone with the knowledge that can dissolve fear and feelings of powerlessness.

At this moment, as I write this blog, the Covid 19 pandemic is reaching new heights (1)


Unfortunately, this collective stressor is not yet over, and we need to reflect on how best to strategize as we move forward in 2021.

Medicine is not a science, Medicine is an Art that uses Science. (2) 

In 2020, medical specialists, politicians, and the media used science as a banner to propose strategies for how to personally or collectively handle the Covid pandemic. Even with good intentions, the results were a succession of contradictory advice resulting in a terrain with a diversity of outcomes (to wear a mask or not, to close schools or not, how to manage small businesses, to name but a few). Looking backward, this was like observing the construction of an airplane while in full flight. Science as it goes!

Strategies and recommendations have created more fear, isolation, and feelings of powerlessness. In this critical situation associated with fear and isolation, studies have shown higher rates of depression, anxiety, suicides, and alcohol and drug use. (3) 

The intent of this blog is not to promote a cure or provide answers to controversial treatments but to provide tools and approaches to empower the individual and dissolve fear. Fear is probably the ingredient that cancels most of our efforts to effectively handle this crisis. Fear is an adversary to any therapies, natural or medical.

A reset seems a necessary step toward more positive thinking and a hopeful outcome.

The first premise in this era of wellness medicine is to be proactive, take responsibility, and use common sense. The basic rules, including getting enough rest and drinking plenty of fluids, wearing a mask, washing your hands, wiping surfaces, and avoiding crowds, are still current and should be consistently applied.

Yes, it is a contagious and virulent disease, but fear is not the answer. Knowledge of how to minimize your risk is the answer.

1. As a tenant of health potential, the management of health, including immunity, is primary. 

Some observations supported by statistics agree that those most vulnerable to Covid are the elderly and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. Diabetes and obesity were also identified as risk factors. (4)

In the future, we can’t effectively manage a pandemic exclusively in an emergency mode. After COVID-19, we may have other viruses or infectious threats that we need to prevent by enhancing the health potential of individuals. This is the main mission of the Quantum Health Coach training: using digital technologies to monitor health parameters that immediately relate to the optimal health of the individual and stronger immunity. Building stronger immunity through the management of a supportive lifestyle is very important. During the time of shutdown and quarantine, many turn to bad nutrition and increased use of alcohol and drugs due to having fewer activities. A Quantum Health Coach offers positive intervention that can break the feeling of isolation and keep the client on track with a healthy lifestyle.

Last year, many Quantum Health Coaches offered assistance on a humanitarian basis to complete their curriculum, supporting clients in distress related to the coronavirus. This was very well received by clients and created the opportunity for the Quantum Health Coach to build a clientele. (5, 6) 

2. Meditation is probably the most efficient approach to resolve fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. (7) Building within a strong visualization of your immunity is certainly the strongest ally in this critical situation. (8)

The Pro-Consciousness Meditation course included in Quantum University’s PCM-Health Coach program is specifically designed with this intent. (9)

3. The BrainTap headset with a downloadable program precisely designed for immunity is a technology that can be used by those who prefer an alternative to meditation. Technology that works with sound and light to subtly use the power of the brain to redress immunity is a precious advantage. (10) 

4. Homeopathy and Supplements for immune support:

a) Homeopathy has been known for more than a century to stop or decrease symptoms of flu, although no scientific studies have yet been done with COVID-19. However, empirical evidence indicates that using it as soon as you notice any flu-like symptoms offers better results. TE homeopathic Formulas, enhanced by a unique subtle energy formula infusion system, offer a Booster Kit (11) including:

  • TE Flu – similar to Oscillococcinum, the most-used homeopathic in the world 
  • TE Defense – booster for chronic and acute immune deficiency

b) Supplements described as immune enhancers and viral entry inhibitors are supported by a current study. (12)

Antioxidants play critical roles in managing inflammation and holding back viral infections. Vitamins C and E, Glutathione, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine are antioxidants with antiviral activity against respiratory infections like influenza and have been helpful with COVID-19. Zinc, Vitamin D, and Quercetin could also be added to this regime. Here are some suggestions: 

  • NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) 400-600 mg BID
  • Reduced Glutathione 50 mg BID
  • Vitamin D3 5,000-10,000 U / day
  • Zinc Max 80 mg / day
  • Quercetin 500 mg BID
  • Vitamin C 500 mg BID 

5. Sanitizing the environment is another important component of maintaining health. Developing a chemical-free cleaning and sanitizing system could be an important part of the preventive approach. “Surface disinfection is one of the interventions that is frequently recommended to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. However, reports of acute health effects due to misuse and overexposure to disinfectants have been on the rise since early 2020.” (13) This is why chemical-free sanitizing systems are of high interest. (14)  

In 2020, the whole world went through a major challenge, and the COVID pandemic is certainly an event that history will remember for a long time. In 2021, making sure that we have tools and services that empower individuals and make them more proactive could have a major impact on the outcome of this crisis now and in the future.

Being passive and expecting the bullet cure is not the best way to prepare ourselves to go through a pandemic or any other health stressors. Management of our health potential and Knowledge will prepare you for longevity and wholeness.

Be well and fearless!

Dr. Paul Drouin

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Dr. Drouin has explored and successfully integrated aspects of alternative natural healing practices and evaluation techniques with conventional medicine to provide the best outcome for his patients, dedicating his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Creative Integrative Medicine.


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