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Once you are enrolled at Quantum University, you will receive a series of welcome emails with everything you need to know to get started with your program, including your username, password, and how to login to your student coursesite. The welcome emails include a link to your Student Orientation page where you can watch informative videos on basic actions you must learn in order to navigate and operate your student coursesite and access your courses and course materials, take exams, print your certificates, and more.
After enrollment, you will receive a personal email to schedule your welcome call. During this call, your Student Mentor will personally welcome you to your program at Quantum University and show you how to begin your studies. The mentor will explain to you the best order for starting your courses and walk you through your entire program. You will have access to your mentor throughout your time at Quantum University to answer questions, discuss concerns, and guide you.

At Quantum University, providing high-quality support for all students is extremely important. We go to great lengths to be accessible and to reply to all student inquiries. In addition to student and dissertation mentors, we have qualified Support, Administration, and Admissions Teams ready to answer all of your questions. The best way to get help at Quantum University is to go to the support page on our website and fill out the support form. You can also call us at any time at (833) 366-0363.

You may be able to take advantage of student discounts when purchasing online or at businesses offering student discounts on products or services in your area. Discounts may include online software and in some areas even movie theaters and public transit. Please note, this optional wallet-size Student ID Card is not proof of graduation or a diploma. Quantum University will issue a Student Photo ID card to any new or current student who orders one. Students and graduates can ask our support team for a link to order or renew a Student ID.


Quantum University’s coursesite is a personal learning management system. Each student logs in with a private username and password to access all the video courses, textbook courses, practicum courses, and dissertation courses in their degree programs. This advanced online and Smart Tab video educational platform is designed for students from all walks of life. Each student has access to their password-protected online coursesite that organizes and delivers their programs, courses, grades, and transcripts.

Each program on your student coursesite has a Degree Progress Report to organize your advancement through your curriculum. This report creates a clear roadmap from the start of your studies through graduation. For each course, students first read the course documents, then watch video lectures or read a textbook, and then pass the course exam in order to download a certificate of completion. To graduate, a student must also complete our practicum courses and dissertation project. The student coursesite gives you access to all online courses upon registration. You are then free to explore your programs and courses at your convenience and/or interest.
All Quantum University degree programs consist of online courses such as video courses, textbook courses, practicum workshops, and dissertation projects. They all include information on How to Start and Finish, a Course Syllabus, and a Technical Support Platform. These online courses are delivered in a convenient online distance learning format containing a powerful blends of videos lectures, recommended and required readings, books, textbooks, practical cases, and more. For each course in your program, you will be required to pass an online exam. Upon completion of each course, you can download and print a Certificate of Completion directly from your coursesite.
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I study in my free time and when I want, without interrupting my work or sacrificing my family.
-Andrea Gonzalez
Quantum University Graduate


Learning Experience

Courses include a total of 12 to 20 hours of video lectures and presentations delivered in a playlist of individual videos that vary in length from 2 minutes to 2 hours. For students who receive a Smart Tab device from us, these videos are fully loaded and can be viewed at any time, regardless of internet connection. Please note videos on your coursesite are streaming only and cannot be downloaded to your personal computer, tablet, or mobile device. This is unique to Quantum University and demonstrates a serious commitment to producing high-quality video education for all our students.

Textbook courses are based on a required textbook, which must be purchased separately. A link to buy the textbooks on the internet is provided. Please note that the cost of textbooks is not included in the cost of tuition. Once you have obtained the textbooks, you can print the exams and answer all the questions. You can then go back to the student coursesite and submit all the answers to the exams. If you live in Hawaii, you can come to our Quantum University office to borrow any books or required textbooks from the Quantum University library.

If your tuition plan includes a Lenovo Smart Tab device, Quantum University will ship you a complimentary Lenovo tablet preloaded with your programs and courses. Each tablet is customized and comes to you fully loaded with up to 250 hours of video courses, as well as your course documents. Obtaining the tablet with your degree program is a game-changer. The tablet videos allow you to turn your commute hours, time spent waiting for appointments, or even your daily exercise routine into beneficial classroom time. It’s also an excellent option for visual learners.


Quantum University delivers its innovative, in-depth education through online videos. These videos were produced with world-renowned faculty members and/or feature practical cases with professional client demonstrations. You can watch these videos online on your computer, tablet, and/or mobile device, and you can pause, rewind, and fast forward at any time. These videos are produced in virtual studios with beautiful presentations, cursor indications, and graphic animations that are very exciting to watch.
Most Quantum University courses include course documents that are designed to follow and/or support the video lectures and textbooks. They include all the charts, slides, protocols, handouts, diagrams, images, and other information from the PowerPoint presentations that are part of the video lectures. They can also be supportive documents, articles, and research papers that complement the course learning materials. The course documents can be downloaded and are pre-loaded on each student’s tablet. Most course documents are in full color and printer-friendly. Students can follow along and take notes as they watch their course lecture videos.

Each course includes one exam or several exams. Exams are online and must be passed with a grade of 70%, 80%, or higher (depending upon the course). If a student fails an exam, they will be required to wait 12 hours before making another attempt. The waiting period is required in order to provide sufficient time to study. Exams are not timed and consist of true/false and multiple-choice questions. All exam or assignment grades are listed on your coursesite in a breakdown called Course Grades. This section is where students can manage their final grades and confirm completion of a course.

All students can post their feedback, comments, and concerns anonymously on the Course Surveys module available for all our courses. This survey asks students to rate the course objectives, overall quality, organization, expectations, instructor expertise, teaching strategies, and much more. This student participation survey allows the university’s administrative staff to continue to improve the quality of the educational programs.

To complete a course and download a Certificate of Completion, you must read and review the required materials (including any Course Documents/Printouts, textbooks, lecture videos, articles and other provided written material) then pass all required course exams. Passing scores for exams vary between 70% and 80% or higher depending on the course. Once you print the certificate, this course is marked as complete in your Degree Progress Report for your degree program. Once all your courses are marked as complete in your Degree Progress Report, you complete your program and contact the Administration to begin your graduation process.

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Our Curriculum at Quantum University Includes
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Our Doctorate and PhD degree programs require 1000 or more practicum hours to comply with certain certification boards. Quantum University offers several options for completing the practicum hour requirements of your degree programs. You can attend the Practicum Workshops held during our annual events, start working with participants and log your activity sessions, participate in qualifying programs with other practitioners or local clinics, or choose from other options currently available in the Practicum course.

Students in the master’s, doctorate, and PhD degree programs are required to write a thesis or dissertation. The dissertation requirement ranges from 50 to 100+ pages, depending on the degree, on a topic to be chosen in consultation with your Dissertation Mentor. The entire Dissertation Project is broken down into a series of courses for the master’s, doctorate, and PhD thesis to support students in compiling the research project in a natural progression. Quantum University provides dissertation courses that outline the process of completing your Dissertation Project. Your personal Dissertation Mentor will guide you through every step of the process and provide you with the assistance and encouragement that you need. The dissertation will be submitted to the University’s review board for evaluation and approval. Upon approval, you will have met the dissertation requirement and can publish your dissertation with the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM). Quantum University also offers a special course on how to publish your dissertation.

Quantum University now offers EBSCO, an online library resource, to assist you during the Dissertation Research phase of your program, at no additional cost. Alt-HealthWatch is the EBSCO research library database that provides access to articles on the topic of complementary, alternative, holistic, and integrative approaches to healthcare and wellness. You now have access to full-text articles from more than 190 international and often peer-reviewed journals and reports, updated quarterly, plus hundreds of pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research, and book excerpts. This provides in-depth coverage of more than two hundred therapies, modalities, and perspectives on Alternative Medicine including Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Body Work, Childbirth, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Creative Therapies, Cross-cultural Therapies, Energy Medicine, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Mind-Body Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Osteopathy.


Quantum University offers onsite events in Hawaii such as the World Congress of Integrative Medicine. Congress encompasses featured speakers, hands-on practicum workshops, Quantum University’s traditional in-person Graduation Ceremony, and a Sunset Dinner Cruise celebration. We also sponsor many online events such as the World Summit of Integrative Medicine and Project Noosphere. You can find more information and links on our Events page. These events provide our students and graduates with the opportunity to build lasting relationships with like-minded health practitioners that could potentially further their career, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

We also produce a variety of popular educational videos, blogs, and artwork on social media to keep you engaged in your continuing education. As a student, you will have the opportunity to connect and interact with other students and graduates on our exclusive Facebook group. On social media, Quantum University is creating a vibrant, local and worldwide community of students, graduates, advocates, practitioners, staff, instructors, and faculty or as we like to call it, our “Quantum Family.”
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In order to officially graduate and receive your diploma from a program, you must complete all the courses listed on your Degree Progress Report, including the Dissertation Project, and pay off any remaining balance on your tuition. At that time, you may contact the Administration Department, and they will be happy to set the graduation process in motion and congratulate you on your accomplishment.

Once you are approved for graduation by our Administration Department, we will mail your official diploma directly to you. At that time, you will also be able to download and print transcripts and an unofficial diploma from your coursesite. Quantum University has a beautiful diploma design with a custom frame. All past graduates can contact the Administration to order the latest version of our diploma and frame.

We hold an official online Graduation Ceremony three times a year in October, February, and June so that all our graduating students can participate. This graduation format acknowledges our graduates and highlights Dr. Paul’s vision of changing the future of medicine one student at a time. You are eligible to participate in a graduation ceremony once you have graduated from any Quantum University degree program.

Click here to learn more about our Graduation Ceremony

Upon enrollment, you are encouraged to contact your future certification board. After graduation, you can download, print, complete, and mail their application form or submit it online. Most certification boards will not accept unofficial downloaded scans or photocopies of diplomas or certificates. They will accept a notarized photocopy of your official diploma that was mailed to you by Quantum University. The certification board will mail their certification to you. Please note again that graduating from a degree program and receiving a diploma from Quantum University is not equivalent to board certification. A university provides an education and certification boards provide the credentials. Therefore, upon graduation, it’s important to apply to a certification board before you start to practice.​
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Attending Quantum University online was the best decision I’ve ever made. I…have already recommended Quantum University to a friend.

-Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio
Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine

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