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Since its establishment in 2002, Quantum University has been an innovator in online education.

We were one of the first institutions in our industry to offer an online course-site for taking exams, to stream online video courses, to broadcast live classes, and to implement virtual classrooms.

Quantum University is on the cutting edge of educational technologies with interactive protocols, virtual studio sets, and graphic animations.

Quantum University Facebook Reviews

  • I have studied at a few universities during my career in health care, and Quantum University gets a A1 top grade from me, for not only it’s amazing syllabus but also the fantastic staff who are enthusiastic, knowledgable and in fact, just lovely! I can not recommend Quantum University enough... read more

    Fizzy L. Avatar Fizzy L.

    Wow absolutely informative and stunning ! Videos are high quality and sound is captivating

    Phillip M. Avatar Phillip M.

    Quantum University is amazing! Don't be fooled by false reviews. Quantum University is paving the way for future medicine; making professional healers! There is science and research into what is being taught! I absolutely love the program!

    Tiffany B. Avatar Tiffany B.

    I just finished my Basic Human Anatomy class. I am so happy, beyond words. The Quantum University has changed my life. Best school ever. Thank Dr Paul Drouin and all teachers and mentors.

    Maria A. Avatar Maria A.
  • Why should one join IQUIM?

    1. They have the most comprehensive curriculum encompassing a broad range of subjects ranging from mind-body medicine like hypnotherapy, NLP; vital body medicine like homeopathy, acupuncture; herbology; auriculotherapy; bio/neurofeedback; nutrition etc.

    2. Pioneers and creative brains in the fields of nuclear physics, neuroscience, developmental biology and alternative... read more

    Supria N. Avatar Supria N.

    I have a background in over 15 years in Emergency medicine . I decided to pursue Natural medicine path after loosing two friends to cancer and the standard treatment protocols that call for killing the body and not focusing on the TRUE... read more

    David W. Avatar David W.

    After a personal experience with consistant headaches, eleven doctors, and a subsequent healing through a natural practitioner, I retired from music ministry and decided to learn more about the naturopath industry. Having studied online courses with a few schools I knew I would need a deeper knowledge of the... read more

    Catherine C. Avatar Catherine C.

    I am a graduate of Doctorate Degree. I love their approach and the program they offer. I have been very successful in treatment of chronic diseases.

    Rosa T. Avatar Rosa T.
  • A lot of Quantum University's students come from allopathic medicine, myself included. The reason is because we see that allopathy only works in emergency situations, where keeping the body alive long enough to allow time for healing, is needed. Allopathic care doesn't work otherwise and the western medical model is... read more

    Monica M. Avatar Monica M.

    Although I am a newly enrolled student at Quantum University, so far my educational experience has been exceptional and "mind opening". From the beginning, starting with my enrollment, everyone has been very helpful and supportive. The more I am exposed to, the more my appetite for knowledge increases. Quantum University... read more

    Chris A. Avatar Chris A.

    I just finished my Basic Human Anatomy class. I am so happy, beyond words. The Quantum University has changed my life. Best school ever.

    Thank Dr Paul Drouin and all teachers and mentors.

    Maria A. Avatar Maria A.

    Absolutely amazing program and education that Dr.Paul Drouin put together. Very proud to be in the program and ready to help people’s health concerns continuously!

    Jyun S. Avatar Jyun S.
  • With respect to one of the comments below, I have done my homework about this Quantum University. Their methodology is a relatively new field of thinking - You are not going to get a bunch of fuddy duddy so called "academics" who hide behind their titles and robes but... read more

    Irene H. Avatar Irene H.

    I love Quantum Medicine! I am so grateful I found this program and for everything I am learning, It validates what I have been doing as an Integrative Mental Health Clinician and takes my practice to the next level.

    Cristine C. Avatar Cristine C.

    It is an excellent university. I am getting my bachelors and master's in holistic health and a DNM doctor of Natural Medicine and a PhD in Natural Medicinee. It is a great school.

    Jimmy G. Avatar Jimmy G.

    Experienced excellence is all aspects during the congress! 😃

    Amanda V. Avatar Amanda V.
  • There is a commonality that attracts people to Quantum University. Like minded individuals, seekers of higher learning coming together as if attracted by a deep need to know. People bonding, finding their tribe at last. Quantum University is not an accident. It was created in the... read more

    John H. Avatar John H.

    It's really great group give the valuable things to people. Thank you very much

    Sinee W. Avatar Sinee W.

    Quantum University is an amazing community with comprehensive knowledge and awareness, an emerging scientific paradigm with profound world-changing implications.

    Cliff H. Avatar Cliff H.

    Great group of people. If you are wanting to change the world and learn from some of the greatest minds in original medicine you have to check out Quantum. Be part of the change start the journey of personal discovery and help us make healing as natural as breathing.

    Patrick P. Avatar Patrick P.
  • I absolutely LOVE everything about Quantum University! Quantum University is unlike any other school. They make everything as easy and stressfree as possible for the student to succeed. There is so much support available for the student on every level! They are easy to communicate with and will work... read more

    Isabella R. Avatar Isabella R.

    I love Quantum University! I completed my Masters in Natural Medicine and am still working on my PhD program. The curriculum and professors are fantastic.

    Christie E. Avatar Christie E.

    A real transformation in the Health Care system is being born <3

    Rami B. Avatar Rami B.

    World renown experts in physics and healing arts bring information that you can really sink your teeth into. I chose this over conventional schooling solely because of the incredible, raw science. We are not just the physical, so let us focus on all areas of wellness.

    Wendy O. Avatar Wendy O.
  • Very good!

    Ingrid F. Avatar Ingrid F.

    I achieved my PhD in Integrative Medicine in 2016 from Quantum University and I am thrilled with the opportunities that have opened up to me as a result of the education I received. Not only did I learn from the top leading clinicians, scientists and educators in the Quantum... read more

    Vienna L. Avatar Vienna L.

    Awesome thanks for sharing this with everyone else

    Juan L. Avatar Juan L.

    From the beginning to almost the end of my education I have enjoyed every second of it. The wisdom behind the whole education is going to revolutionize the medical system. Every single person behind this education Is a wonderful soul who is changing not only the way we look at... read more

    Rima A. Avatar Rima A.
  • Excellent opportunity to learn from the wisest available!

    Carol B. Avatar Carol B.

    I decided to completely change my review because even though I did have some problems with communication and getting assistance the administration did reach out to me. They were interested in what happened and interested in making changes that would improve both the student's and staff's ability to make... read more

    Beth A. Avatar Beth A.

    Finally spirit and medicine will reemerge and manifest a golden age of spirit science.

    Jason M. Avatar Jason M.

    New perspectives, welcome in this world.

    Moritz C. Avatar Moritz C.
  • I wish to go and connect with all these beautiful minds and spirits! I would love to learn more and even share my own work with them! They are doing a magnificent service in bringing all this information to a larger public!

    Janine F. Avatar Janine F.


    Samia O. Avatar Samia O.

    It's the World changing institution in the field of health and any one in the field of health and your not doing any course with Quantum University then your missing out the real science.......

    David D. Avatar David D.

    If you have a passion for learning about Integrative Medicine you won't need to look any further once you've reached IQUIM. This is a 5 star Quantum University with a 5 Star Faculty for learning in depth Creative Integrative Medicine on all levels for your physical, mental and spiritual health!... read more

    Gina E. Avatar Gina E.
  • I am writing from thé Republic of Cameroon, Africa. Enrolling for IQUIM Bachelors- masters-PhD is the wisest decision I have ever taken. Just 25% gone into the BHS , I am already very excited about the whole thing.

    Peng T. Avatar Peng T.

    I'm studying with the quantum university and absolutely loving it 🙂

    Rebecca A. Avatar Rebecca A.

    I have always been an advocate of Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine. I completed my masters program at Yo San University and have included Quantum Thought in my practice. Yes, it is intuitive. I am ready to pursue a PhD on line. Wow I just found this Doctorial Program! I... read more

    Saquina A. Avatar Saquina A.

    Honored to be a student at this most illustrious university!

    Elizabeth S. Avatar Elizabeth S.

  • Dr. Hortensia Nunez
    "I am involved in many activities and I know that this knowledge, information that I'm getting, I will put it in use with all the people that I am surrounded."
  • Dr. Lynn R. Thompson
    "I was already a licensed Chiropractor. The education took me to the next level. I have attended other universities and found Quantum University to be a better fit overall.”
  • Aurea Gonzalez
    "Quantum University is accessible to any budget.  Study in the comfort of your home; you can study the hours you want, without neglecting your family duties... Priceless."
  • Dr. Antonio Ricardo Nahas
    "The Quantum University helped me to integrate different knowledge and therapeutic approaches, giving me support and a solid foundation to do my job safely and efficiently.”
  • Melody Fourie
    "Quantum University is transformational and progressive in its research and knowledge delivery, and simply put - this is the future medicine - NOW!"
  • Dr. Jean Seville Suffield
    “Quantum University provided knowledge and insight, which provided not only a boost in skill level but also credibility in setting up a small business and attracting clients."
  • Dr. Yong Fook Lim
    "The staff at Quantum University is very friendly and very supportive, and whenever I had a problem, when I asked for help, they came through with assistance and helped me."
  • Dr. Sana Keller
    "I am an R.N. I chose Quantum University because of the curriculum. It has increased my understanding and awareness of how to truly work with my clients."
  • Dr. Leonor Nura Murciano-Chen
    "I have been in natural medicine for over 20 years, but the Doctorate and PhD has given my work a depth and a deeper understanding.  Most complete program I have found."
  • Dr. Maria Rosa Greco
    "I chose Quantum University because I love their vision. I would definitely recommend Quantum University to my friends. A very, very good investment for me. "
  • Terry Campbell
    “I chose Quantum University because it clearly stood out among the other institutions. It has given me exactly what I needed and wanted in my education.”
  • Dr. Celine Parr
    "I like to feel I am part of a family. It gives more meaning to what I do. It's a great opportunity to open your mind. It will definitely transform you."
  • Dr. Dawn Singleton
    "Definitely, it was the best decision I’ve made in my life. It has empowered me and given me credibility. I enjoyed the whole process. Thank you."
  • Teresa Conarroe
    “I started in my home office as a Biofeedback Practitioner and now have a thriving professional practice in Alternative Medicine. I can even provide my clients reimbursement through major private health insurance.”
  • Dr. Michael O’Leary
    "I considered many other schools in the Natural Medicine or health field, but found that IQUIM gave me the most flexibility and had some of the best partnerships with other organizations and high-quality professors."  
  • Tracy Power
    "I would totally recommend and encourage anyone who's looking into the field of natural medicine or integrative medicine to definitely look at IQUIM. It's forward thinking, it's creative, it just fills all the gaps from traditional study."
  • Dr. Andreas Holzer
    "I have been working as a vocational teacher for more the twenty years now, but I also have been working in the field of Metaphysics for more than fifteen years. It changes my life every day and it validates my knowledge I have about both sides, the physical and metaphysical world and how closely everything is entangled. At the end of this study, I'm going to be ready to start a new section of my life which is already planted with the IQUIM program."  
  • Jeanne Greening
    “My business has definitely improved since enrolling in the university. People have more respect for me as a practitioner because I now have legitimate credentials, and I have a lot more confidence.”
  • Chris Beere
    "My success with clients has truly been spectacular and my practice has increased phenomenally. What a huge advantage it is to be able to implement and use the ideas you are teaching on virtually each and every client. Thank you!"

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