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Dr. Paul Drouin Addresses COVID-19

Founder and President of Quantum University, Dr. Paul Drouin, addresses COVID-19 in the video above, and speaks about how we can support and improve our potential for health during these challenging times.

Below you will also find Dr. Tina Prodnik’s Integrative approaches to Viral Upper Respiratory Infections, along with doses of vitamins that you can add to your regiment of prevention, further assisting our Quantum University community in staying safe and healthy during this time:

1. Stay Positive
2. A Strong Immune System Is The Key
3. Advice To Manage Your Daily Lifestyles

Stay Positive

At present, I feel that people have a lot of fear and concerns related to Coronavirus. We are exposed to different pieces of information daily, hence the uncertainty in the air. In Switzerland, schooling will move online tomorrow for the coming three weeks until the Easter vacations. Offices are being closed. People are asked to work from home….

We know that Coronavirus is more virulent than seasonal flu, meaning it spreads faster. This does not imply a higher mortality rate. It simply means that a higher number of people can become infected at the same time, raising the pressure on our healthcare system to provide adequate service to our elderly and those with already underlying chronic conditions that are truly high-risk populations requiring hospitalization. Governments are trying to reduce social contact as a means to slow down propagation and allow existing healthcare system capacity to provide the best care they can to those really in need.

By protecting ourselves and those around us, we can protect more sensitive ones and assure help to everyone when needed.

Circumstances such as this one are, on the other side, a good opportunity to connect more with our children and family. Moreover, this is also an opportunity to rethink what we are doing daily to reinforce our immune system, knowing this is our best defense against viral infections in general and Coronavirus in particular. This is an opportunity to showcase and teach our children about the importance of health and prevention.

A Strong Immune System Is The Key

Different viruses were and will continue to be part of our life. The strength of our daily immune system at the time of viral infections will determine whether we will become sick and the outcome of it.

We are lucky to live in the time of abundance of virtual connectivity enabled by the internet. Even though we will be somewhat physically isolated in the coming week or two, we are still connected, and we can support each other!

It is very important at times, such as this one, to manage our stress and fear level by proper breathing, meditation, even laughter.… Choosing to laugh together doesn’t mean that we don’t take the situation seriously and/or that we avoid following all the precautions advised. On the contrary, this is because stress has such a profound effect on our immune system that we need to find a way to minimize it. Stress is known to take energy from our immune system!

Advice To Manage Your Daily Lifestyles

The basics:

  • To protect yourself: wash your hands properly, don’t touch your face, make the proper distance, especially from people who are sick (2m)
  • To protect others if you are sick: isolate, wear a mask, wash and disinfect surfaces that you touch, cover when you cough, and sneeze.
  • And most importantly, enhance your immune system: use good nutrition, stay hydrated, allow restorative sleep, manage stress, breath fresh air, enjoy sunlight, love, laugh, and stay connected (with family and friends even if only virtually -:)

Now, this is not the time for junk, process food, and sugar. Do you know that in just 30 minutes, after you eat sugar, you will lower your immune system capacity to fight and kill germs by 50%

  • Eat a lot of colorful vegetables, fruits, good oils, and quality proteins instead. Load yourself with food that has antiviral properties like raw garlic, ginger, curcuma, coconut oil, oregano, pomegranate, medical mushrooms (reishi, chaga, cordyceps, shiitake..) Garlic will not only protect you, but may very well keep others at a distance!

You can also take below nutrients:

  • Don’t forget about your vitamin D! It is crucial for the immune system! Studies have demonstrated that you should have 100-150 nmol/l of vitamin D in your bloodstream (it is advisable that you test yourself). If you are not supplementing vitamin D, it is a high probability that you are deficient. Take 2-5000 IU of vitamin D each day.
  • Vitamin C: use 1000 mg in this situation 3x day ( the best is liposomal)
  • Zinc acetat, zinkc gluconate lozenges
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin A for epithelial barrier 5,000- 10,000 IU per day

If you become sick, you can take below higher doses for three days.

  • Vitamin D depends on your body weight.
  • Zinc acetat 15 mg 5-6 times per day (maximum two weeks!) or Zinc picolinate 18-23 mg every 2 hours during wake time (maximum two weeks!)
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg every hour for the first 6h then 1000 mg 3 times daily or until bowel tolerance.
  • Vitamin A depends on your body weight ( high doses only for three days!)
  • At this point, we are out of the flu season, and because some people and children can have mild symptoms, we should implement precautions like described for every sign of a cold (like coughing, sneezing) However, it goes without saying that should you have any problem with breathing, you should call the hospital.

When patients have significant challenges with coronavirus, it is often because of the cytokine storm (high inflammatory state). The literature points out that for critically ill patients with sepsis Vitamin C 1,5 mg IV every 6h (in total 6g daily) with thiamine and hydrocortisone may help. Patients treated with the vitamin C protocol had an 8.5% death rate while those non-treated had a death rate of 40.4%.

And yet again, Vitamin D is critical! Other potential natural treatment options for sepsis include Curcumin, Quercetin, Boswellia, and Naringin.

So let’s stay home, get fresh forest air, be positive, feel love, and help the elderly and more sensitive. All the best, and See you online!

Dr. Tina Prodnik

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