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Quantum University Alumni Association

Quantum University Alumni Association

When you become a Quantum University student, you enter a vibrant community that extends beyond the boundaries of receiving your degree. Upon graduating, you unlock the opportunity to join our remarkable Alumni Association. Our Alumni Association stands by our graduates every step of the way post-graduation, offering unwavering support in their future endeavors. 

Whether it’s access to unique networking opportunities, exclusive offers, or ongoing professional development resources, Quantum University is committed to nurturing your continued growth and advancement.

Our Mission

The mission of Quantum University’s Alumni Association is to ensure your success by giving you a head start in building a thriving business. 

We exist to to encourage lifelong learning and provide support in Marketing Services, Protection and Networking as we facilitate communication with other alumni to strengthen the bonds of fellowship, professional association and university affiliation.

Alumni Association Membership Benefits

Embrace the endless possibilities as a member of our Alumni Association, where you unlock a world of benefits tailored to jumpstart your career journey and propel your success post-graduation. Whatever your aspirations, you’ll have access to an array of exceptional tools and resources to support you in building your career, launching your own business, and achieving your goals. Depending on whether you become a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Member on QUAA,  here’s just a glimpse of what awaits you:


Exponential Healthcare Platform and Business Launch Program

Access to ‘Exponential Healthcare‘ an innovative health and wellness virtual platform offering a turnkey business solution for practitioners, and a wealth of health and wellness education for their clients.

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Exponential Healthcare Advanced Training Courses

Expand your knowledge with access to our Wellness At Your Fingertips & Exponential Health Coaching – Quantum Evaluation courses.

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The Quantum Evaluation Web Tool

The Quantum Evaluation, drawing from traditional Taoist medicine, is a web-based questionnaire featuring 100 questions aligned with the 5 Elements, facilitating a comprehensive baseline health analysis. Elevate your clients’ well-being by inviting them to take this assessment, providing powerful insights for crafting personalized wellness plans and guiding them toward optimal health.

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The Noosphere Healing Chamber

An experimental venture is now a groundbreaking innovation in holistic healthcare! The Noosphere Healing Chamber uses client images, voice recordings, and microscopic blood visuals. Powered by the star tetrahedron’s energy, it produces targeted effects aligned with healing intentions. Inspired by Lynne McTaggart and Nassim Haramein, it applies Vacuum Engineering principles on a virtual scale, harmonizing with Collective Consciousness for amplified intentional healing.

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Quantum AI

Your personal study mentor from Quantum University! Loaded with the wisdom and knowledge of your previous or current holistic and natural medicine degree track. This innovative platform provides 24/7 support allowing you to easily navigate courses, clarify concepts, and access crucial information needed for educational or professional use.

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Practicum Hour Opportunities

As a Quantum University Health Coach or Bachelors Graduate in the midst of your studies, our active Platinum Members on the Exponential Healthcare Platform can now accrue Practicum Hours based on the number of client sessions sold. Propel your journey forward, gaining hands-on experience with every session you contribute.


Complimentary Business Education Programs

Expand your skillset, excel in your career, and get equipped & qualified to start using Exponential Healthcare. These Complimentary Programs include:


30% Discounts on Educational Programs

Enjoy exclusive 30% discounts on additional educational programs, including:

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The Wellness Practitioner Plan

The Wellness Practitioner Plan includes an AI Business Planner for streamlined business strategy, saving time and ensuring efficiency. Marketing Guides and an Image Library under the QUAA account provide comprehensive resources to master marketing and enhance visual campaigns.

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Alumni Library

Showcase your literary or podcast accomplishments in the Alumni Library. Your work will be featured and promoted monthly through the QUAA newsletter, networking group, and more, ensuring your achievements reach a wider audience.

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Advocacy Program

Enroll in our Advocacy Program and amplify the impact of your advocacy endeavors while enjoying financial rewards. As a QUAA Advocate, you earn a continuous 9% kickback for each successful alumni referral you make to the association, making your commitment not only impactful but also financially advantageous.


Access to New & Updated Courses

Gain access to new and updated courses as a valued member of our Alumni Association. Explore your past program curriculum, find new and updated courses, and view QU’s Alumni Dissertation Library, and the EBSCO Research Library.


Exclusive Offers

Curated to meet the needs of your practice, you’ll have access to an array of exclusive offers and special discounts from Quantum University’s esteemed Health, Wellness, and Technology Partners.

QUAA Live Sesssions

Take advantage of the opportunity to join QUAA’s monthly webinar series, exclusively designed to empower you in your professional journey. These webinars are thoughtfully curated to provide you with invaluable insights, practical tips, and inspiring discussions that can elevate your knowledge and skills.


'Beyond the Degree' Blog

Delve into the ‘Beyond the Degree’ Blog, where the inspiring success stories from our esteemed alumni are released monthly. Journey alongside our graduates as they share their extraordinary paths and achievements, highlighting the transformative power of a Quantum education. 


Professional Certifications & Liability Insurance

Uncover the steps to attain board certification and ensure comprehensive protection within your Professional Title’s scope through secured liability insurance.


Alumni Networking Group

Engage with our exclusive Alumni Networking Group, a moderated platform where graduates come together to discuss and share ideas. Stay informed about upcoming events and be the first to hear about new releases from Quantum University.


Job Dashboard

Explore the Job Dashboard where you can view and apply to opportunities in the field, posted by reputable Healthcare Institutions and Professionals from around the globe


Dr. Paul Drouin's Audio Book

Receive complimentary access to “Creative Integrative Medicine,” the audiobook by Dr. Paul Drouin, President and Founder of Quantum University. Be inspired by the remarkable story of a medical doctor who dares to challenge the conventional paradigm and unfolds a new vision for healthcare. 

Quantum University has provided so much support for us, they've just been incredible!
Debbie Hauser
Quantum University Graduate

Learn About Exponential Healthcare

Build a Thriving Holistic Healthcare Business on Exponential Healthcare

At Quantum University, our passion and commitment does not stop at graduation. We take pride in providing ongoing support and guidance to our graduates, ensuring that your journey with us continues long after you receive your degree. Our Alumni Association, among many other benefits, opens the door to our latest innovation ‘Exponential Healthcare‘ an all-in-one turn-key virtual solution for holistic healthcare providers.

The Exponential Healthcare virtual platform serves as a comprehensive solution for practitioners seeking to leverage the power of technology to expand their reach and enhance client care. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, practitioners can seamlessly transition or expand into online services, connect with clients both near and far, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

We recognize the challenges of starting and managing a business, and at Exponential Healthcare, we are dedicated to simplifying your journey. Our platform not only serves as your business website but also acts as a powerful client management tool, offering an all-in-one virtual solution for delivering high-quality health and wellness services, streamlining administrative tasks, and delivering impactful content. 

Graduate & Become a Platinum Member to Start Your Alumni Experience

1:1 Virtual Business Building Sessions:

Engage in (4) 60-minute business coaching sessions with the Exponential Healthcare support team. These sessions are meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and insights necessary for client engagement and the successful launch of your signature program on the Exponential Healthcare Platform.

1:1 Virtual Mentoring Sessions:

A 60-minute mentorship sessions with the accomplished Dr. Tara Deniz, a seasoned Quantum University graduate and successful entrepreneur in the realm of Exponential Healthcare. Benefit from valuable guidance on translating the modalities you learned at Quantum into impactful sessions for your clients on the Exponential Healthcare platform.

Feature in the Exponential Healthcare Practitioner Directory/Marketplace:

Enhance your visibility and reach by being prominently featured in the Exponential Healthcare Practitioner Directory/Marketplace.

Access to Signature Program Templates:

Leverage exclusive templates to shape and build your programs, offering unique health and wellness packages to your clients with ease.


Learn how Quantum University has helped students from all over the world achieve their career goals.

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Dr. Kami Owen

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