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Alumni Spotlight

Quantum University Alumni Spotlight


Barbara Purdom

Barbara Purdom, owner of ‘Revital Life’, began her educational journey with Quantum University in December 2022. Since then, she has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Sciences and a Certification in Exponential Health Coaching, earning her credentials as a Board Certified Health Coach. She is now diligently working toward her Master’s and PhD in Natural Medicine.

Barbara credits Quantum University for not only nurturing her passion but also for providing her with tools like the Exponential Healthcare Platform, which has enhanced her business-building capabilities. Her integration of the Exponential Healthcare Platform in her practice has been a game-changer. She has been able to automate essential functions like scheduling and client management. This has not only lightens Barbara’s administrative burden but also empowers her clients, giving her more time to focus on direct client care.

“What I love about this platform, it’s my favorite thing, I don’t have to schedule people anymore. They can go to the platform and schedule themselves. These types of things have really been helpful for me to grow my business—to have the right tools. They can pay online right there when they come and see me, we get to spend time on what matters.”

Dr. Robin Perry Braun

Dr. Robin Perry Braun, an adept professional in psychology, addiction counseling, and nutrition, is the innovative mind behind Integrated Bioenergetic Restoration Therapy. Armed with a Master’s in Psychology, she earned her Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University in February 2017 and proudly graduated in September 2020.

Driven by a passion to make a meaningful difference in the world and guide others on a similar journey, Dr. Robin chose to deepen her credentials and pursue a PhD. With Quantum University, she found the perfect synergy that harmonized with her identity, extensive education, and holistic approach. Pursuing a Doctorate and PhD, particularly in Quantum energy, elevated Dr. Robin’s confidence in her expertise. Knowing and believing in her knowledge, she naturally drew like-minded individuals who valued her insights.

“I actually ‘Googled PhD in energy medicine’ and found Quantum University. I said, ‘This is exactly what fits who I already am, my identity.'”

Michael Alan Jackson

Michael Alan Jackson describes himself as an independent wellness consultant, life coach, and health coach. His journey into the world of holistic health began after feeling a need to deepen his understanding of health and wellness. He made a significant career shift, leaving behind a 20-year career in banking and finance. His interest in holistic health led him to Quantum University, where he was exposed to energy-based medicine and various modalities like biofeedback and heart rate variability. Influential teachers including Dr. Bruce Lipton, further inspired him. During his time with Quantum University, Michael was exposed to opportunities to work with different groups, including men and African American men, addressing issues like stress management and anger. Currently holding a leadership position with the Urban Institute for Strengthening Families, he actively works in schools, using his personal experiences to connect with and guide children, particularly those who may be facing challenges. 

Sandra Hickman

Sandra Hickman, also known as the Audio Medic, graduated from Quantum University with her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate in Natural Medicine. At a pivotal moment in her life, Sandra experienced a health scare resulting in a diagnosis of chronic stress. Frustrated with traditional medical treatments, she embarked on a journey exploring alternative therapies like Reiki, Hypnosis, and Biofeedback, which sparked her passion for digital sound remedies. Sandra’s dedication led her to Quantum University, where she expanded her knowledge, eventually proving that digital sound remedies could be as effective as physical substances. Dr. Sandra Hickman now serves as a health coach, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic medicine to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

“Quantum University has given me the ability to demonstrate real scientific research behind what I do. It’s offered me a great benefit that I didn’t have prior to getting my degree. My PhD Mentor was extraordinary in offering me support, direction, and establishing for me a baseline from which to speak to other professionals.”

Megan Donahue

Meet Megan Donahue, an accomplished licensed acupuncturist, certified Chinese herbalist, health coach, and Reiki master. With her business, Holistic Care Medicine, she’s been transforming lives at the Bala Kenwood Mainline location for over six years. Through Quantum University, Megan attained her health coach and pro-consciousness meditation certifications. The teachings transformed her thinking, showcasing the connection between mindset and physical well-being. Her personal shift became a beacon for patients facing similar challenges.

“Quantum University’s education has impacted my practice because it has given me the language to be able to communicate in a different way to my patients in regards to their health. Quantum University has expanded that understanding and given depth to what I had already learned, solidified based on the language of quantum physics and mechanics.”

Debbie Hauser

Debbie Hauser, founder of ‘Pure Symmetry Wellness’, enrolled with Quantum University in 2020 and has since graduated with a Bachelor’s in Holistic Health Sciences and the Quantum Health Coach Program. Still working toward her PhD in Natural Medicine, Debbie is a full-time student & business owner. Debbie discusses how Quantum University’s new virtual healthcare platform, ‘Exponential Healthcare’, has allowed her to take her business to the next level all while remaining dedicated to her studies.

“I would absolutely recommend Exponential Healthcare to fellow alumni, this program is incredibly user-friendly! It takes so much concern off of our plates, being students and running our businesses we have limited time and the school has provided so much support for us.”

Dr. Jennifer Douglass

Alumna Jennifer Douglas, a dedicated midwife and holistic healthcare provider, successfully completed Quantum University’s Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and PhD Fast Track Program in Natural Medicine in December 2022. The impact of earning diplomas and degrees from the university was significant for her business. It allowed her to confidently claim expertise, validating the culmination of her 25 years of experience, certifications, and self-learning. Quantum University became the capstone of her career, adding credibility and showcasing her dedication to holistic healthcare.

“I’m grateful for Quantum University because they gave me a voice and the confidence to know that everything I’ve learned over all these years was worthy and good. Just because it didn’t fit into a traditional track of learning or a typical college experience, it doesn’t diminish its value. It’s all valuable information, deserving of a dissertation and a PhD.”

Dr. Kami Owen

Dr. Kami Owen, the founder of ‘You Only Younger’, describes her difficult experience with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She illustrates how her journey with alternative medicine allowed her to heal herself. Dr. Kami became extremely passionate about what she had learned, so she decided to seek out formal education. During this search, she kept coming across the same University, and to her surprise, many of the experts she learned from during her research turned out to be faculty of Quantum University!

“I wanted something I could integrate into a very busy practice already, and get a quality education, there is nothing out there like it, that I’ve found so far, than Quantum!”

George Farah

Internationally-renowned wellness guru, nutrition consultant, and fitness trainer, George Farah, discusses his life experiences and how they led him to discover and join Quantum University. Amongst many modalities, Farah describes his joy in learning about the power of the mind, and to his surprise, more about nutrition than he thought was possible.

“I thought I was so smart, but Quantum showed me how much more there is! Information is power. The more I studied at Quantum, the more knowledgeable I became, it taught me nothing is impossible.. it gave me the power to beat cancer.”

Dr. Jyun Shimizu / Dr. Isabel Perez

Founders of ‘Isamizu’, Dr. Jyun Shimizu and Dr. Isabel Perez came together to create awareness towards wellbeing. Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science and Technology has allowed them to incorporate different techniques and methods to look at the mind and the body together, for a more holistic and integrative approach for clients to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

“The education received from Quantum University plays a significant role in empowering people to see health from a different viewpoint.”

Dr. Otilia Tiutin

Dr. Otilia Tiutin settled in the United States after relocating from Eastern Europe, not long after the move she became ill and decided to visit someone who provided her with Natural Medicine treatment. Tiutin encountered a very positive transformational healing experience, so much so that she sought to elevate her knowledge in the subject matter to help more people – with an already vested interest in the mind body connection, healing with nutrition and quantum physics, Tiutin was on the search to find a degree that cultivated all her interests in one – there she found Quantum University. 

“I believe that Quantum University has one of the most cutting edge programs out there that is really helping doctors create transformation in peoples lives.”

Dr. Keith Tong

Dr. Tong describes his experiences building his business, ‘Total Vitality Centre,’ while completing his PhD in Integrative and Natural Medicine with Quantum University.

The use of technology has played an important role in building success with Dr. Tong’s clients. He discusses the use of revolutionary instruments such as Kirlian photography with the Bio-well 2.0 which is able to measure such elements as vitality, providing clients with front-row seats to eye-opening results and allowing them to take a quantum leap of realization in understanding what is required to start the healing process.

“My most amazing Quantum University story is actually myself. As I am learning all the modalities and techniques through the learning modules, I have developed the ability to apply what I have gone through in life and find a new way of looking at things… I am very grateful to have entered the path of Quantum University because it helped me heal myself, which will now allow me to heal others.”

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy completed his PhD and Doctorate from Quantum University and is the Founder of ‘My Best Healer’ located in Denver, Colorado. He practices Clinical Hypnotherapy, measuring the state of trance using Neurofeedback and Biofeedback, creating a tangible way for clients to see their results before, during, and after each session.

Dr. Ezzat Moghazy refers to Quantum University as the ‘Harvard in Integrative Medicine’ and discusses the importance of being equipped with up-to-date software and digital technologies, moving forward with the times to better serve clients.

“Quantum University is not just a University, it is a UNIFIED education which aligns the mind, heart, and soul together, creating a coding system in which a quantum leap can take place. If I have learned anything in healthcare in the last 20 years, I have learned one thing: we treat people, but people heal themselves.”

Dr. Michael Christian

Integrative Optometrist Dr. Michael Christian is a medical professional who brought a whole new dimension to his existing practice through his Quantum University education. Incorporating basic principles of quantum physics and holistic healing into his optometry practice allowed him to better integrate the many complex parameters affecting vision and help his patients discover more about themselves. Dr. Christian is also the author of In Focus: Vision, Mind & Body and the inventor of Quantum Ophthalmic Optics or QOO VISION, a fully comprehensive quantum holographic focusing system which enables patients not only to see detail easily but also coherently within a focused spatial context.

Dr. Mario Viscarra

Quantum University Alumni and owner of Quantek Med, Dr. Mario Viscarra talks about how his educational experiences with Quantum University have allowed him to understand how to help clients heal, and achieve their full health potential, using top-of-the-line technology such as Lasers to control chronic pain and improve quality of life without the use of painkillers or drugs to accelerate the healing process.

Dr. Tina Prodnik

Quantum University Alumni Dr. Tina Prodnik talks about her experiences in studying with Quantum University, her career in Natural Medicine, and how Digital Technologies have played a large role in her practice and treating her clients.

“I would absolutely recommend Quantum University, the curriculum is amazing. Not only did I learn about Naturopathy, but about Taoist Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and much more. Everything is explained in a nice format so that you can really absorb the information.”

Dr. Justin Reese, DNM, PhD

Dr. Justin Reese graduated with a Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine. He is a naturopath, a doctor of natural medicine, and the owner of the “Quantum Alternative Health Clinic”,an Integrative Family Wellness Clinic in Newnan, Georgia. He sees complementary medicine as a robust tool for healing, for bringing life back into our bodies, and for improving our wellness and restoring vibrancy. Dr. Reese’s practice uses quantum biofeedback, nutrition, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, low-level laser therapy, and detoxifying foot baths.

Dr. Vienna Lafrenz, PhD, I-MD

Dr. Vienna Lafrenz has specialized knowledge and experience in pain management, orthopedic conditions, degenerative diseases, autoimmune disorders, bariatrics, lymphedema, cognition, urinary incontinence, low-vision, and neurological deficits for the past 25 years. She is certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), a Brainmapping and Neurofeedback Specialist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Voard Certified Health Coach, Certified Chopra Teacher in Ayurveda, and a Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Specialist.

Dr. Bindu Babu I-MD, PhD

Dr. Bindu Babu is a highly sought International Keynote Speaker where she has spoken, co-chaired, and been an organizing committee member for various World Conferences and Summits around the globe. She is the Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United States (GGA) and is honored as a member of the Circle of Wise women for the international’s organization, Female Wave of Change (FWoC). She has spoken at several corporate & hospital wellness events as well as at prestigious universities such as Harvard and NYU.

Dr. Dawn Singleton, DNM, PhD

Dr. Dawn Singleton graduated with a Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine and practices Biofeedback with a specialty in head injuries on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Dr. Lynn Lind, R.N., IMD

Lynn Lind, RN, earned a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine. She practices biofeedback and owns “Holistic Health Care Wellness Clinic for the Whole Family” in Glens Falls, New York.

Dr. Mary Dressler, DNM, PhD

Dr. Mary Dressler graduated with a Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine. She owns “Aloha Aina Wellness Center” with 10-Day Cleanses on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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