Natalie Ledwell

Be unapologetically authentic because that's what the world wants to see.

- Natalie Ledwell
Co- Founder of Mind Movies
Natalie Ledwell
Natalie Ledwell is the best-selling author of Never in Your Wildest Dreams, a TV host, renowned speaker, and founder of Mind Movies, LLC. Since 2007, Natalie and her team have reached over 2.1 million people around the globe by empowering them with an incredible visualization tool called “Mind Movies” to create the reality they want through the power of their own minds.
Mind Movies LLC has teamed up with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Jeffery Fannin to measure the differences in brain activity while meditating, visualizing, watching a Mind Movie, and regular thought patterns, with tests producing amazing results!
Also with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Natalie travels the world delivering powerful workshops on the science behind Mind Movies and how to effectively use them to live an abundantly successful life.
Her latest project, “P.D. for Kids,” is a revolutionary Personal Development curriculum that aims to empower children with valuable life skills and principles to live a happy and fulfilling life.
Natalie and Dr. Paul Drouin from the Quantum University now join forces in order to bring to light the Health & Weight Loss version of Mind Movies. This version is designed with amazing tools and resources for practitioners of Integrative Medicine.
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