Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi, Ph.D., DNM

“What makes us different as human beings is the ability to tap into the spiritual realm which is the source for inspiration, guidance, understanding of our reality and ultimately true healing”

Rebecca Sherry Eshraghi, PhD, DNM, BBA Quantum University PhD Dissertation

Dr. Sherry Eshraghi currently serves as the Director of Post Graduate Studies and the Dissertation Mentoring Chair at Quantum University. She graduated from the Quantum University and her PhD thesis titled “Trans-generational Shifts in the Human Microbiome and Antibiotics May Cause Epigenetic Changes Contributing to the Rise in Autism” was published in the prestigious journal of Frontiers of Cellular Neuroscience. She has authored/co-authored four other papers in high impact science journals, written health blogs, spiritual blogs for and articles in the Natural Awakenings Journal. In addition she is active in public speaking engagement and poster presentations at international conferences. She is also serving as editorial reviewer for the Journal of Translational Medicine.

While continuing research and publications in the field of microbiome and autism, she also runs her holistic office (Natural Health Power Works LLC), where she consults clients on how to achieve optimum health and wellness. She has a multi-cultural background and speaks five languages fluently.

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