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Lynne McTaggart - The Power of Eight

The Power of Eight Presenter: Lynne McTaggart Discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing, using astonishing new findings about the miraculous

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Dr. Rollin McCraty

Heart-Brain Coherence

Presenter: Dr. Rollin McCraty This presentation provides new scientific research on a specific measurable state called “physiological coherence” and how this optimal state increases

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Dr. Joe Dispenza

Making Your Mind Matter

Presenter: Dr. Joe Dispenza Dr. Joe Dispenza has traveled the world teaching people the science of change. Noticing significant changes in people’s health during

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Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Morphogenetic Fields of Body and Mind

Presenter: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake According to the hypothesis of formative causation, all self-organizing systems, including crystals, plants and animals contain an inherent memory, given by

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Dr. Paul Drouin

Creative Integrative Medicine Presenter: Dr. Paul Drouin My own journey as a medical doctor toward creative integrative medicine has awakened in me the passion to promote changes

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Nassim Haramein

The Field of Boundless Information Presenter: Nassim Haramein Nassim Haramein discusses some of the most exciting new physics emerging in the world today. He redefines the relationship between

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Dr. Faith Nelson

Energy Medicine for the Future[aps-social id=”8″] Presenter: Dr. Faith Nelson Dr. Faith Nelson describes how energetic electrodermal devices, or quantum biofeedback, have become a key modality for validating

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