The Rainbow Body

The Rainbow Body

Ancient systems of healing such as Taoist Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine were aware of the reality of the Rainbow Body a thousand years ago.

This subtle body is formed by the acupuncture meridians and are colorful waves with different vibrational densities. This shimmering subtle body energy changes its colors and sings according to one’s mental and emotional state. The Buddhists and Marguerite de Surany call it the Rainbow Body.

Modern science is just catching up on this subject through research done on biophotons. According to Wang et al (2014), the body has a bio-informational network of optical channels or meridians through which light particles of various frequencies circulate and are able to generate syntropy in complex biological processes. These light particles are known as biophotons and can present different frequencies and colors. 

Complementing the concept of the Biofield, which has been elaborated in previous blogs such as the Five Bodies of Consciousness (multiple bodies representing layers of information), the biophotons represent a bio-informational network of optical channels or meridians through which light particles of various frequencies and biophotons can present different frequencies and colors. This is the photonic body of quantum biology and is also associated with the Vital Body.

The outcome of a more holistic model of anatomy is an understanding of how our state of health is directly related to the state of quantum coherence of our biophotonic activity. How to achieve balance and harmonization has been described and practiced for centuries through the art of acupuncture. Taoist Medicine has even developed a Consciousness Acupuncture that relates to the new concept of quantum coherence which has the capacity to generate negative entropy in the system and slow down the aging process.

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In short, quantum coherence is related to the ability that photons have to work synergistically and collaboratively, organizing biological processes. When this state of coherence is lost for any reason, the biological system can enter into a positive entropy state, losing its organization and balance which enables the appearance of diseases and symptoms in the physical body. 

Training the flow of light with Consciousness Acupuncture generates more coherence in the system as well as more positive perceptions and feelings about life and existence, leading to a more selfless expression. 

The Rainbow Body also fits perfectly with the notion of positive health, described by Maslow as an integrative state where higher archetypal emotions are expressed in their full potentiality, introducing the correlation between health and Enlightenment.  

One day, every meridian of the rainbow body will be in perfect harmony. The physical body will never fall ill, and the blood will sing in all the vessels of the body. (Marguerite DeSurany)

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Wang, X., Han, J., Yang, M., Pang, J., Zhao, X. & Huang, J. (2014). Recent progress of traditional Chinese medical science based on theory of biophoton. Front. Otoelectron, 7(1), 28-36.

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