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The Uncertainty Principle & the Meridians

In the previous blog, we discussed the local nature of the meridians, known as the Bonghan circulatory system, which could be considered the physical representation of a more subtle and complex photonic network of communication.

From the point of view of linear thinking, this concept seems easier to grasp than the uncertainty nature of the meridians.

However, according to Dr. Amit Goswami (2004) and principles of quantum physics, the energetic phenomena of the vital body (associated with the non-local aspect of the meridians) are subject to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  

From this point of view, meridians are neither physical nor local, residing outside of space-time and providing the blueprints of the physical organs that perform vital functions in space-time.

The Uncertainty Principle is related to the quantum nature of the meridians where “it is impossible to describe their movements through exact trajectories.1 In fact, the Uncertainty Principle applied to acupoints of Taoist Medicine brings the possibility of meridians being areas or fields, rather than points.

Keep in mind that the meridians are the carriers of information and intention, rather than a network of pipes that the practitioner has only to needle without the necessity of being fully aware of what they are doing.

Taoist Masters have long understood that the truly successful students will not only master the locations of the points but will also become entangled with their clients, thereby effecting positive changes to the clients’ biofield.

This is exactly what Consciousness Acupuncture (in the Quantum University curriculum) teaches. Consciousness Acupuncture is a means of addressing the biofield through the Marvelous Vessels, in association with breath, visualization, and crystals, to train the local aspect of the meridians as well as the non-local, quantic, and informative nature of the meridians.


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1) Goswami, A. (2004). O M√©dico Qu√Ęntico. S√£o Paulo: Cultrix

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