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Quantum Nature of the Blood

Presenter: Dr. Diane Blackburn

What is blood? We are all familiar with the red fluid that circulates in our veins and arteries. Its main function is to act as the body’s transport system. But blood is much more than that. From the beginning of recorded history, the blood has held a preeminent place in the culture and history of humanity. We talk about bloodlines, blood pacts, blood ties, etc. Most ancient religions performed ritual blood sacrifices and thus acknowledged the sacred nature of the blood. To this day, the blood retains an aura of sacredness and mysticism.

The blood is the expression of our connection with Consciousness through the Heart Center. There are actually two threads that connect us to Consciousness: the thread of life anchored in the etheric heart, and another thread anchored in the center of the head. The blood stream is the purifying river which carries the energy of life to every part of the body. The whole Quantum man depends on the quality of the life thread expressed in the blood for his existence and correct functioning.

*This presentation was part of our online event, World Congress of Integrative Medicine 2015.

In his course in Quantum Hematology (Live Blood Analysis), Dr. Paul Drouin speaks of the “plastic quality of the blood” and declares that what we are seeing in the blood under the objective of a darkfield microscope “is the mirror of the bio-vital-mental- supramental- spiritual environment, or the milieu of Quantum Measurement.” Through the objective of the microscope, we observe that there is a definite entanglement between the client and his blood. The observation of the blood within the new parameters of Quantum Physics is beyond profound. Clinical experiments with clients are revealing how the observation of the blood offers the Quantum Hematologist an indirect way to monitor vital and mental activity, an important key in Quantum healing.

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Dr. Diane Blackburn

Dr. Diane Blackburn


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