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The Future Model of Medicine: Quantum Medicine

Quantum Medicine – The Future Model of Medicine

In this video Dr. Buie talks about the microbiome and how it appears to affect children with autism. He introduces an autistic child who exhibited behaviors that could be quite extreme, which were remarkably diminished when he was treated for his accompanying gastrointestinal problems.

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Biofeedback - A Valuable Tool for Improving Health

Biofeedback: A Valuable Tool for Improving Health

The term biofeedback refers to a wide range of modalities that can be used to train people to improve their health by using information from their own bodies. For instance, we use simple biofeedback whenever we take our temperature or weigh ourselves and then use that information to decide how best to care for ourselves.

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Quantum Doctors Talk - Evolution (Part 1)

Quantum Doctors Talk (Part 1)

The Quantum Doctors, Dr. Paul Drouin and Dr. Amit Goswami, discuss basic questions such as the nature of life, a favorite topic of philosophers, poets, and scientists for centuries.

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Pro Consciousness Doctors

Pro-Consciousness Doctors

Pro-Consciousness Doctors are the Future of Medicine The practice of meditation has been growing in popularity over the past decades. Years ago, the subject

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