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The practice of meditation has been growing in popularity over the past decades. Years ago, the subject was not really taken seriously as a health benefit, like with yoga, but today, doctors are increasingly recommending these modalities to their clients for managing their stress. In 1980 when I contributed to a publication on meditation (1) in a medical journal, some critics considered me a “strange doctor”. A few decades later, with the development of neuroscience, we are in a totally different world.

Pro Consciousness MeditationHundreds of scientific studies have proven the benefits of meditation: increased cognitive function, concentration, attention span, memory, positive thinking, happiness, restful sleep, creativity, problem solving, relationships, health in general; reduced cardiovascular disease by 87%, illness by 50%, cancer by 55%, and increased longevity. Studies have found that seven years of regular meditation reverses age by an average of 12 years. (2)

Biofeedback and neurofeedback have also contributed to reinforcing the validity and efficacy of meditation by showing, in real time, through brain mapping what’s happening to the brain during meditation, not only in beginners but also in advanced meditators.

The evidence is astonishing: the brain is clearly not a gradually shrinking organ that inevitably loses its neurons with age. The brain has plasticity and can be trained to grow its neuronal interconnectivity as we age.

The brain is a magnificent sculpture that we can shape through time to achieve higher coherence and integration in all the aspects of our life. This has an enormous impact on our health, since most disease results from improper wiring in our brain related to harmful habits and to negative thoughts and belief systems than generate dis-ease in our physical-mental reality.

In the last decade, the concept of neuroplasticity has also been applied to the heart. We now know that the heart has also its own intelligence and can increase its capacity for resilience through the improvement of heart rate variability (HRV).

If we can achieve more brain coherence through meditation and neurofeedback, we can also increase HRV through breathing and biofeedback monitoring. Low HRV is associated today with a higher risk of death in patients with heart disease and in elderly subjects and with a higher incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD) in the general population.(3) HRV training can also generate a greater sense of well-being, reduce cortisol levels, reduce high blood pressure, improve physical stability, and improve cognitive and memory performance.(4)

Imagine the impact we will see when the concepts of neuroplasticity are more widely implemented in our health care system.  Considering all the benefits of meditation and HRV, it is clear that we already have at hand the least expensive panacea that exists. Implementing it into health care is the next natural phase. This will require a new generation of doctors and health practitioners who can train the patient-client to achieve better brain and heart coherence through meditation and HRV training.

Wearable Biofeedback DevicesIt’s interesting to know that there is a new trend in the fields of biofeedback and neurofeedback that can support this new reality. The scientific development and mainstream availability of user-friendly digital mobile phone and tablet technologies, in conjunction with a variety of sensors such as headbands and heart rate variability monitors, have made it possible for biofeedback and neurofeedback practitioners to team with their clients to empower their health. We expect that by 2020, 78 million people will be using these smartphone technologies.(5)

A new generation of what I call Pro-Consciousness Doctors are emerging from Quantum University, practitioners who specialize in biofeedback and neurofeedback and are ready to team with and train their clients in the use of user-friendly technologies to generate more brain and heart coherence. This new generation of doctors is empowering individuals to take a greater role in their own health by using mainstream technologies that provide direct health feedback of their heart, brain, and body and guide them toward a greater potential for health.

Quantum University is a pioneer in the field of consciousness and preventative health care. Our integrative medicine degree programs from Bachelor to PhD not only include a new foundation for healing based on quantum physics and neuroscience, they also provide specific biofeedback and neurofeedback programs that prepare the student to become certified as biofeedback and neurofeedback specialists.

Cultivating teamwork between clients and pro-consciousness doctors will create a new balance in health care through the sharing of empowering knowledge of health parameters with their clients, which will have powerful consequences for the outcome of their health. This increased capacity for clients to influence their own health will create the democratization of medicine.

How we train our brain and heart and how we choose to wire our neural interconnectivity and increase our heart resilience is a vital component of the conscious shaping of our health potential. Like athletes, today’s clients will achieve new heights in healthy aging with the strategic use of their mind’s and heart’s intelligence.

For students who are interested in exploring the most transformative experience of their being as well as practicing the full potential of preventive medicine, Quantum University offers the path for a career in Pro-Consciousness Medicine that will define the health care of the future.


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Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Drouin has explored and successfully integrated aspects of alternative natural healing practices and evaluation techniques with conventional medicine to provide the best outcome for his patients, dedicating his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Creative Integrative Medicine.


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