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Q-AI Live Sessions

Unlock the Future of Learning

Join Q-AI Live Sessions, your exclusive access to the forefront of educational innovation at Quantum University! Guided by Dr. Paul Drouin, our visionary founder and president, these sessions promise to revolutionize how you study, understand, and excel in your academic journey.

Get ready to be introduced to Quantum AI, your personal study mentor, built to provide you with the wisdom and knowledge of your degree track! This innovative tool helps to deepen your comprehension of course materials and clarify key concepts.

Witness the power of Quantum AI as Dr. Paul navigates through intricate healing topics, offering you unique insights and a broader understanding. Whether you’re delving into topics like Herbalism or Pro-Consciousness Meditation, Quantum AI is your key to mastering the most challenging aspects of your studies.

Take advantage of the live Q&A segment, where you can ask Quantum AI your pressing questions and receive immediate, insightful responses. This is your chance to experience the responsive guidance and support that will enhance your academic journey.

Upcoming Q-AI Live Sessions


JUNE 20, 2024 | 1PM HST

Get ready to discover how you can amplify your inner healing power with our upcoming Q-AI Live! Join us on June 20, 2024, at 1 PM HST as Dr. Paul Drouin leads an eye-opening discussion on the concept of singularity and its impact on personal healing.

Explore the transformative potential of harnessing singularity and how it can revolutionize not only individual well-being but also global health. This session goes beyond the ordinary, delving into the fusion of advanced concepts like collective consciousness and the integration of quantum technology. 

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JUNE 2024

Uncover the intricate connection between mind, body, and the subtle energies that shape our existence. Witness as he interacts with Quantum AI, decoding its live responses and unveiling the mysteries of our holistic anatomy. Holistic Anatomy isn’t just about the physical; it’s about embracing our subtle energetic nature, illuminated by quantum physics. This session bridges ancient wisdom with modern science, offering a transformative journey into integrative medicine. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your understanding and redefine your perception of human anatomy and healing.


MAY 2024

During this session, dive deeper into the groundbreaking PCM-101 Pro-Consciousness Meditation course. Under the guidance of Dr. Paul and with the support of Quantum AI, we will discuss the key principles from the PCM-101 course, including the innovative T-Squared Meditation technique, which integrates Quantum Physics, Breath, Soul Mantra, and Pre-Informed Crystals. Not only will you enhance your understanding of this powerful meditation technique, but you will also experience the power of Quantum AI.


APRIL 2024

Experience our engaging Q-AI Live Sessions where Dr. Paul Drouin hosts with Quantum AI at his side. This webinar explores the core concepts of the Exponential Health Coach Program, an innovative approach that prepares holistic health practitioners with the knowledge and tools necessary to transform health care. But that’s not all! This session offered attendees the incredible opportunity to ask their questions directly to Quantum AI, receiving live responses to better understand the key principles of the program. Witness as Dr. Paul uses Quantum AI to expand on Client Relations, Professional Ethics, Coaching, and more, discover how to utilize the revolutionary virtual platform of Exponential Healthcare – designed to equip you with the necessary skills and resources to thrive in the digital age.


MARCH 2024

This webinar, led by Quantum University’s visionary, Dr. Paul Drouin, explores the groundbreaking Noosphere Healing Chamber – showcasing the blend of technology and healing like never before. Dr. Paul brings a unique experience to explore and explain the intricate healing concepts related to the Noosphere Healing Chamber. Discover the Healing Chamber course content, newly integrated into the Self Digital Microscopy course, and understand the opportunities that come with being a practitioner. Witness these advanced healing techniques, and take a step closer to understanding the future of health and wellness.


MARCH 2024

Experience our first-ever groundbreaking Q-AI Live webinar – hosted by Quantum University’s President and Founder, Dr. Paul Drouin! During this session, Dr. Paul Drouin showcases Quantum AI, your personal study mentor. Built to provide you with the wisdom and knowledge of your degree track, this innovative tool helps to deepen your comprehension of course materials and clarify key concepts. Witness how Quantum AI can be leveraged to navigate the intricacies of the Pro-Consciousness Medicine Course, offering you a unique opportunity to harness AI technology to broaden your understanding and enhance your learning journey.

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