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The Future of Medicine: Exponential Healthcare by Dr. Paul Drouin

The Future of Medicine: Exponential Healthcare

Exponential Healthcare is an opportunity to take advantage of where the entire health coaching industry is going as a whole, as well as to set up your practice in the fastest-growing field of medicine today, telehealth virtual care.

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Are you reconsidering your career?

In times of crisis or transition, new opportunities appear. Reconnect with Your Dreams, Don’t Underestimate Your Professional Value, Match Your Vision with Your Perfect Career and See Challenge as an Opportunity.

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Mind Based Medicine For Healthcare

When neuroscience began to agree that brain neuroplasticity is possible, the next step was to implement technologies that allow for rewiring the brain. This new concept has completely revolutionized the field of psychology and medicine. The old paradigm described brain neurocircuitry as a fixed entity that cannot be influenced, an extension of the belief that most diseases are pre-determined by your genetics and that, fatalistically, there is nothing you can do about it. In an updated curriculum of medicine, the new biology is redefined and expanded to include the stunning concept that your system of beliefs can actually modify your genes.

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What is Consciousness?

In the last two decades, we have made enormous progress in our understanding of what some call the Fabric of the Universe or Consciousness, but why does it really matter for medicine? It matters because, even with all the technological advances during the last century, medicine still doesn’t understand the full nature of life, neither the mind itself nor its relationship with the body.

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Energy Medicine

Why is the recognition of Energy Medicine aka Pro-Consciousness Medicine, so crucial? Without a scientific ground and academic recognition, there is no hope of integrating most complementary and alternative medicines into the current healthcare system and shifting from a model of medicine based on disease and symptoms to a model that addresses the root of the problem and is more focused on prevention.

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Coaching Health Potential

The frontiers of Health and Wellness Coaching need to be expanded from the conventional model based more on the principles of active listening and lifestyle support to a quantum model based on neuroscience and quantum physics.

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Reset, 2021

Reset 2021 by Dr Paul Drouin, provide tools and approaches to empower the individual and dissolve fear during this time. Fear is probably the ingredient that cancels most of our efforts to effectively handle this crisis. Fear is an adversary to any therapies, natural or medical. A reset seems a necessary step toward more positive thinking and a hopeful outcome!

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Medical Education for the Future

The adaptability and capacity of the collective consciousness to face new challenges are directly related to education and its capacity to communicate knowledge and information. The conventional model of education must be radically transformed through a hybrid system where online education is updated to virtual reality.

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Immersive Digital Medicine

Immersive Digital Medicine

How do we practice medicine? This article will explore one of the first steps: observation and evaluation of the client from a point of view of health, rather than disease.

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