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Holistic Health Coach vs. PhD in Natural Medicine Salary

Whether you’ve been considering making a career change and becoming a holistic health coach or obtaining a PhD in natural medicine, or you already have a certificate in natural medicine and want to boost your career potential, it’s important to look at the impact this could have on your salary and income.

The salaries and incomes available in these fields are growing as alternative medicine becomes an increasing part of medical practice. Before deciding on your career options, you should think about what would best enhance the earning outcome of your profession.

Holistic Health Coach Salary

A holistic health coach helps clients improve their overall health and well-being through nutritional and lifestyle changes. These changes may include diet, exercise, spirituality, massage, and other methods.

Depending on their location, a holistic health coach may be called a “wellness health coach” or a “health coach.” But if you use multiple complementary elements to create a client’s plan to reach their health goals, you are a holistic health coach.

Faculty Expertise

  • Education and Certification: Where you obtained your education is important to your clients and employers. A good school and a quality certification matter when setting your rates.
  • Experience: The longer you’ve been practicing matters, but education counts here, too. 
  • Location: Where you work has an impact on your salary. Pay rates are higher in cities, on the West Coast, and in corporate positions. Telemedicine can pay even higher depending on your experience and offers great flexibility. 
  • Industry: Coaches with private practices have the greatest flexibility in setting their salaries but less assurance of a steady paycheck. Corporate health coaches are rare but see the largest regular salaries in the industry.


Average Salary Range for Holistic Health Coaches

A review of Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter suggests that the average annual salary range for Holistic Health Coaches is wide, ranging from $15,000 at the low end to $95,000 at the other. One reason for this range is the classification problem; health coaches are often grouped with nutritionists, wellness experts, and other related occupations.

Another caveat is the industry searched. Wellness coaches are being sought by companies ranging from the YMCA and Services for the UnderServed to Aetna and Walgreens. When looking for a job, you must carefully research potential positions to see what the company is looking for. 

Comparison of Holistic Health Coach Salary with Other Related Occupations

  • Personal Trainer: A personal trainer can expect to make about the same as a Holistic Health Coach. Personal trainers are usually independent contractors and depend on their own client roster.
  • Nutritionist: Nutritionists make slightly more than Holistic Health Coaches but are more likely to be employed by companies or government agencies.
  • Health Educator: Health educators are often hired by county or state agencies and currently have a narrower annual salary range — an average of $19,000-$45,000 per year.


Why Holistic Health Coaches Are Needed as an Alternative to Traditional Medical Practice

As traditional medicine becomes more expensive and less accessible to the average consumer, people are focused on staying well rather than recovering from a sickness. Alternative and complementary medicine practiced by Holistic Health Coaches helps people improve their overall wellness by eating better, exercising, and practicing mindfulness.

PhD in Natural Medicine Salary

A PhD in natural medicine allows you to use natural and alternative medical remedies to help your clients improve their well-being and heal without using traditional medical techniques. Natural medicine uses herbal and nutritional therapy, massage, acupuncture and acupressure, exercise, and meditation therapy.

Natural medicine is called “alternative” or “complementary” medicine because it is used as an adjunct to traditional medicine. Your goal is to find the root cause of your client’s ailment, not just address the symptoms.

Factors That Affect PhD in Natural Medicine Salary

  • Education and Certification: A natural medicine degree and certification or specialization make you more desirable to employers, increasing your value and your paycheck.
  • Experience: As with any medical practice, the more experience you have, the better salary you can command.
  • Location: Some states, like California, have licensing boards. This improves your chances of a higher salary.
  • Industry: Doctors of Natural Medicine are increasingly in demand in hospitals and clinics as well as in government agencies. These are the entities that have the highest rates of pay for specialty healthcare practitioners.


Average Salary Range for PhD in Natural Medicine

As with Holistic Health Coaches, Doctors of Natural Medicine have a wide average salary range, between $121,000 and $200,000 annually, according to

Comparison of PhD in Natural Medicine Salary with Other Related Occupations

  • Medical Doctor: Depending on their specialization, doctors can earn between $156,000 (general practitioner) and $450,000 (radiologist) annually.
  • Physician Assistant: A PA averages $115,000 yearly, with a range of $107,000-$128,000.
  • Nurse Practitioner: A Nurse Practitioner can expect to make around $120,000 annually.


Why Doctors of Natural Medicine Are Needed as an Alternative to Traditional Medical Practice 

Market researchers say the alternative and complementary medicine market is growing rapidly. The medical sector, in general, has learned that it is just as critical to keep individuals healthy and focused on staying well as it is to treat acute symptoms. Doctors of Natural Medicine work in tandem with traditional practitioners to improve a person’s mind and body, which ultimately benefits everyone involved.

Differences in Pay between Holistic Health Coaches and PhD in Natural Medicine

The main differences in pay between the two professions lie in the:

  • Education and Certification: A Holistic Health Coach certification can be completed in two years. A PhD in Natural Medicine requires you to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree before obtaining your degree.
  • Scope of Practice: In some states, such as California, a doctor of Natural Medicine may be considered a primary care physician. A Holistic Health Coach is not held to the same high standards.
  • Industry Demand: Hospitals and government agencies are seeking Doctors of Natural Medicine and can pay high salaries for these individuals. The companies hiring Holistic Health Coaches are more numerous, but there is higher competition and less overall pay.


Comparison of Average Salaries Between the Two Professions

  • Holistic Health Coach: $15,000 to $95,000 annually
  • PhD in Natural Medicine: $121,000 to $200,000 annually


Explanation of the Skills, Education, and Experience Required for Each Profession

Holistic Health Coach

  • Education and Certification: Following the degree program, you may be certified by any of several state or national agencies.
  • Skill Set: Empathy, active listening, motivational skills, knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle goal setting
  • Job Responsibilities: These may depend upon your actual job location but could include case management, resource development, and life skills coaching.


PhD in Natural Medicine 

  • Education and Certification: This requires a bachelor’s or other postsecondary degree, followed by a four-year degree. Some states, such as California, have their own licensing and certification boards. Quantum University also has its own licensing and certification boards. 
  • Skill Set: May include providing dietary advice, herbal and supplement information, massage, acupuncture, lifestyle awareness, fitness counseling, and other therapy.
  • Job Responsibilities: These will depend upon the exact career path but may include client and office management, wellness counseling, and lifestyle goal setting.


Continued Education as a Holistic Health Coach

Once you have obtained your Holistic Health Coach certification, you need to continue learning and growing as a professional. The Exponential Healthcare telemedicine platform allows students to get support while gaining experience and income as they continue their education. This platform is equally beneficial for clients and practitioners alike as it allows for better access to care and a deeper understanding of health. 

After you leave Quantum University, you can remain in touch with the professionals who helped you start your journey. We will be here throughout your career to keep you on track as you move into the next phase of your life.

Further Your Career in Natural Health With Quantum University

If you’re ready to begin a career in Natural Health or want to expand the one you’ve already started, reach out to Quantum University today. We have certification and degree paths in Holistic Health Coaching and Doctor of Natural Medicine as well as other programs to assist you with your professional goals. 

Individual degree programs can also be combined into Degree Tracks classified as “Fast Track”. These tracks, as well as our Completion Degrees, expedite the completion of your programs. Experience a faster, more cost effective and fulfilling journey towards your holistic medicine degree with Quantum University’s Fast Track options.

Contact us now to start your education.

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