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Health Entrepreneur

Dr. Bindu Babu is a successful Author, Integrative Physician & Quantum Based Transformational Coach. She’s been awarded New York’s Most Powerful Women in Business 2019 by Schneps Media and vetted onto Forbes Business Council, 2020. & 2021. Dr. Babu is the Founder & President of the Non-Profit Organization Hearts of Change & the US Ambassador for many NGO’s across the globe. Dr. Babu is a Medical Physician and has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a PHD in Integrative Medicine. She is the curriculum founder and Professor of Health Business Entrepreneurship, at the Masters & PHD level at Quantum University, Hawaii USA. Dr. Babu is a Reiki Master and a Past Life Regression Therapist trained & certified by internationally renowned Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D. author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” with the Weiss Institute. She works virtually with clients from all over the world.

Health Entrepreneur


Presenter: Bindu Babu I-MD, Ph.D
Duration: 85 Hours
Registration Fee: $800

This course introduces students to the basic principles of creating a profitable and sustainable holistic-based small business in today’s economy. Students will be introduced to fundamental skills for starting and operating a business and developing a viable business plan for producing goods and services in a free enterprise economy. The focus will be on implementing and mastering these skills in order to achieve a successful venture that incorporates higher consciousness and being true to oneself.

Throughout the course, emphasis will be on the different forms of business organizations suitable for the initial phases of becoming a holistic entrepreneur inclusive of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures, and not-for-profit enterprises. Other topics, including the environment of business, financing, accounting, e-business, e-marketing, and the internet, will be introduced as they affect national and international trade.

Course Topics

I. What is a Holistic Entrepreneur

II. Quantum-Based Holistic Practitioners

III. Ideas to Opportunities

IV. Business Plan

V. Marketing Plan

VI. Organization Plan

VII. Financial Plan

VIII. Source of Capital

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Assess the dynamic role of holistic entrepreneurship and business
  2. Summarize various types of holistic health practices and products
  3. Justify the mindset, vision, and intention of their business
  4. Organize and manage a small business
  5. Design the application of quantum-based principles and ethics for developing and sustaining a profitable business
  6. Develop financial planning and control for a small holistic health business
  7. Compare various forms of ownership for small businesses
  8. Assess liability and malpractice insurance for a small business
  9. Integrate strategic marketing planning and the internet
  10. Design a workable business plan