Exponential Health Coach

Dr. Paul Drouin is a Canadian MD, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and Professor of Integrative Medicine with more than twenty years’ experience as a Family Doctor who has devoted over thirty years to exploring traditional and alternative methods of curative, preventive, and Integrative Medicine. He founded Quantum University in 2002 and the Noosphere Project in 2015.

Exponential Health Coach Program


Presenter: Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., Dr. Tracey Clark
Duration: 515 hours
Registration Fee: $5,600
Exponential Healthcare Coaching is a new approach to healthcare in which holistic wellness practitioners are prepared with skills, information, and tools to assess health parameters, such as through smartphone and telemedicine technology, to gain insight into what individuals can do to take charge of their own health and reach their fullest health potential.
Coaching has become very popular in the last decade, but never before has it been integrated within the domain of quantum physics and consciousness. The solution for healthcare in the future is to teach, train, and coach the client for optimal health, returning autonomy to individuals using the resources of digital technologies. Pro-Consciousness Medicine is a key concept for understanding and implementing holistic health in the healthcare and wellness fields, taking wellness coaching to a new level by providing a deeper understanding of how the fundamental paradigm of Consciousness to Integrate conventional Medicine and Energetic Medicine.

This program presents the basic requirements of coaching necessary to become a certified Exponential Health Coach, including a thorough understanding of the relationship between stress and illness as well as the importance of Heart Rate Variability in managing stress and achieving optimal health. The program also includes in-depth training in Digital Biofeedback techniques, Neurofeedback, Holistic Anatomy, as well as Client Relations and Professional Ethics and Coaching and Communication Skills.

The Exponential Health Coach Certification Program also prepares you to become certified as an EHC – Exponential Health Coach – certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) or a BCHC – Board Certified Health Coach – certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). 

This program equips you with the skills, resources and requirements to start using Quantum University’s new virtual platform for holistic health practitioners, Exponential Healthcare. A revolutionary virtual platform designed to empower practitioners in the field of holistic health and wellness. Amidst unprecedented global healthcare challenges, Exponential Healthcare emerges as a game-changing solution that supports both practitioners and clients alike. This state-of-the-art platform is poised to redefine how practitioners deliver their services, foster thoughtful connections with clients, and cultivate thriving businesses in the dynamic digital age. Enroll into the Exponential Health Coach Program and you can receive a one month free trial to experience the new virtual platform’s features and benefits, upon program completion.

This is what you will learn and experience through the Exponential Health Coach Program


  1. IM-703 – Pro-Consciousness Medicine
  2. IW-722 – Holistic Anatomy
  3. IQ-701 – Digital Biofeedback
  4. IQ-201 – Heart Rate Variability
  5. IQ-601 – Neurofeedback
  6. HC-101 – Coaching and Communication Skills
  7. IW-203 – Client Relations and Professional Ethics

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe how the fundamental paradigm of Consciousness integrates both conventional medicine and energetic medicine.
  • Explain the concept of the Biofield as a new reality in modern medicine. 
  • Compare the importance of holistic anatomy to basic physical human anatomy in the emergence of medicine. 
  • Compare the parameters of evaluation from the perspective of both a medicine oriented toward disease and a medicine oriented toward health potential. 
  • Differentiate Quantified from Qualified evaluation and its implications.
  • Describe how Quantum Creativity is integrated into the context of Pro-Consciousness Medicine.
  • Explain the phenomenon of the Democratization of Medicine in relation to Digital Coaching.
  • Evaluate the critical importance of “Scaling Health” in Coaching.
  • Describe a clear vision of the future of medicine with Exponential Healthcare.
  • Explore the global business potential of Health Coaching.
  • Introduce Pro-Consciousness Meditation as a powerful technique combining the science of Breath, Mantra, and Crystallography.
  • Understand the premises and foundations of integrative medicine and holistic anatomy.
  • Explain how neurofeedback is a modern approach to understanding and coping with stress and maintaining a healthy psyche and working memory and describe how neurofeedback increases awareness of how our unique perceptions of the world affect our internal physiology.
  • Explain the relationship between stress and aging and how people can learn to voluntarily control their internal physiology and emotions with neurofeedback training.
  • Discover the relationship between consciousness, self-awareness, and neuroplasticity and identify the basic anatomy, functioning, neurotransmitters, and wave patterns of the brain.
  • Identify the qualities and skills required of a healthcare professional, including ethical practice, time management, record keeping, stress management, and complete client care.
  • Recognize the powerful influence that their own observations, language, and focus have on the client and how to use this influence to promote healing and to support the client’s goals.
  • Create a comprehensive and practical intake form that incorporates the quantum concepts of observation and entanglement to support the client’s ability to achieve and maintain positive health.
  • Identify the basic requirements in health coaching and demonstrate competence In these areas through a series of exercises designed for that purpose.
  • Write a comprehensive personal Mission Statement incorporating an understanding of the basic premises of quantum physics and other important factors related to Pro-Consciousness Medicine.
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