Discovering the Chakras

Discovering the Chakras

The entire universe is made of energy; the human body is a magnificent dynamo within this field. For thousands of years, countless healing systems have professed that health and wellness are created by the harmonious movement of internal energy, called Chi, Prana, or Life Force. Long before the dawn of scientific materialism, ancient cultures discovered our human bodies have seven primary energy centers, the seven chakras.

The concept of the chakra system dates far back into the spiritual traditions of eastern religions, and the word “chakra” is the Sanskrit word for wheel or circle. Each chakra can be thought of as a spherical vortex of energy, acting as a channel for the energy of the universe to enter into the physical body and manifest as health, vitality, and balance. When your chakras are clean and balanced you experience health and vitality, and when your chakras are hyperactive or closed the result is disorder and disease.

By becoming in touch with your chakras, you can tap into your biological systems and guide your body, as well as your mind, into the full potential of your being. Represented as revolving orbs of colorful light, these centers each correspond with different organs, glands, and physiological processes. Each chakra reflects a unique aspect of consciousness that interfaces with correlated physiology, creating a system for consciousness to inform the body.

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