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2023: Year in Review

Reflecting on the past year, the Quantum University ‘ohana extends a heartfelt thank you for your continuous support. Let’s take a moment to look back at the highlights of the incredible journey we’ve experienced together:

Insightful Blogs by Dr. Paul Drouin

Our President and Founder, Dr. Paul Drouin, devotes his time to creating insightful blogs year-round, enriching our community with valuable content. Here are the top 5 most loved blogs of 2023:


The Launch of the new Doctorate of Holistic Health Program

In a groundbreaking move, 2023 saw Quantum University proudly launching our NEW Doctorate of Holistic Health Program. Led by distinguished faculty, this comprehensive curriculum offers a profound understanding of holistic healthcare principles and practices that are shaping the future of healing, preparing students to lead the way in what we refer to as the Quantum Medical Revolution. 

The Immersive HealthTech Summit 2023

Our commitment to innovation persisted with the third edition of our virtual event series, the Immersive HealthTech Summit. Featuring 15 expert speakers, 5 live workshops, and 3 innovative 360 virtual experiences, the summit drew over 1000 attendees.

Project Noosphere Initiatives

In honoring our commitment to the community, Quantum University launched 2 key Project Noosphere’s Virtual meditation events. Nestled on the digital slopes of Virtual Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the ethereal heights of Virtual Mount Haleakala in Maui, these events harnessed collective intention, offering support and healing energy during challenging times.

Maui Strong

In the aftermath of the Maui wildfires, Quantum University stood in solidarity with our community. Through merchandise sales, we made a contribution to Maui’s recovery, embodying our commitment to compassion and assistance.

Celebrating Graduates and Welcoming New Students

Celebrating the success of over 200 graduates and the enrollment of more than 500 new students, Quantum University remains a thriving center of learning and growth for aspiring Holistic Health leaders.

Highlighting the Success of our Alumni

Our Alumni Spotlights and Success Stories illuminated the remarkable achievements of our thriving graduate community, including Sandra Hickman, Megan Donahue, Jennifer Douglas, Debbie Hauser, Kami Owen, Lisa Piper, Nadia Hamade-Saad, Elsa Wagdy, Cristiane Kajimura, Laurie J Brown, and Isabella Ivory.

2024 and Beyond

As we set our sights on 2024, a wave of excitement accompanies the unveiling of transformative updates at Quantum University. Get ready for the new Alumni Association, not only will you leave Quantum University armed with the knowledge to apply your learned modalities to your practice, but you’ll also gain an insider’s ongoing guide, a continuous journey into transforming your holistic health skills into a thriving business. We’re not just talking theories,  we’re providing you with tangible tools and services that, elsewhere, could cost thousands through external business consultants and marketing agencies.

At Quantum University, your education doesn’t end with a certificate, it extends into the real world, equipping you to not just practice holistic health but to master the art of building a successful business around it.

But that’s not all, get ready for a paradigm shift in support services that redefines the very essence of academic excellence. At Quantum University, we’re breaking the mold, offering an experience unparalleled by any other institution.

And the grand finale? The much-anticipated return of In-Person Events and Graduation Ceremonies! But hold onto your hats because there’s much more in store for you!

See you in 2024! 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with joy and warmth, and a Happy New Year brimming with success, good health, and endless happiness! 

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