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Energy Medicine

by Dr. Paul Drouin

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a word coined by three researchers who gathered in Boulder, Colorado, USA, in the late 1980s. It is defined as any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring back homeostasis in the organism. At the core of all this is the concept of subtle energy, which seems to sustain and promote life processes in the biological system. Subtle Energy is another term used along with Energy Medicine. (1) 

Why is Quantum Physics so important to the recognition of Energy Medicine?

Quantum physics is absolutely essential to an in-depth understanding of Subtle Energy and its association with the notion of the Biofield. Concepts of energy such as life force, prana, chi, and the power of intention as the foundation for many of these therapies can only be deeply understood through some basic principles of quantum physics such as nonlocality, discontinuity, and entanglement, to name a few.

Through the principles of quantum physics, we can explain how ancient traditions of healing such as Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, and modalities such as Homeopathy and Naturopathy work with the body’s subtle energy systems.  

Quantum physics allows the scientific recognition of Energy Medicine and at the same time the inclusion of many ancient and modern therapies relating to subtle energies in the select world of medicine where only pharmaceutics and surgery have been accepted.

In fact, most of these medicines that refer to what we call subtle energies have been disqualified by conventional medicine because they are considered to be nonscientific or are not taught in medical universities. The main point here is that the medical system refers to an outdated, linear, and deterministic Newtonian model of science to assess these therapies. This is akin to trying to understand multidimensionality from a two-dimensional perspective.

Quantum University’s mission during the last two decades has been to lay out an updated medical and natural medicine curriculum that includes the fundamental elements of quantum physics and neuroscience necessary to welcome Energy Medicine into the modern medicine of the 21st Century.

Energy Medicine and Pro-Consciousness Medicine

‘Pro-Consciousness Medicine’ is the merging of quantum physics with energy medicine to heal the whole body by realizing and utilizing the power of consciousness.  

Dr. Amit Goswami, professor at Quantum University and a pioneer in quantum physics related to the art of healing, has opened the path of the exploration of Consciousness and medicine with his famous quote, “Consciousness is the ground of all being.“

Many teachers and collaborators at Quantum University have also been key in elaborating the concept of energy medicine in what we call ‘Pro-Consciousness Medicine’. Lynne McTaggart was one of the first to describe the reality of the Field, as well as to later elaborate the power of intention and its actualization through The Power of Eight. Others like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, and Gregg Baden have been pioneers in contributing to this notion. A new biology was born when Bruce Lipton revolutionized the old deterministic model of genetics, giving a higher priority to thoughts and emotions than to the power of genes.

Gregg Baden has permeated his teachings with the phenomenon of the observer changing the observed reality, as well as Dr Joe Dispenza recognizing the placebo effect and the power to manifest a more creative new you.

Dr. Yury Kronn, a Russian physicist, precisely described how dark matter and dark energy relate to subtle energy, and Nassim Haramein‘s Unified Field Theory added another important piece to the puzzle of quantum physics and energy medicine. As I have written in previous blogs, it takes a collegiality of thinkers, researchers, and scientists to have the scale and audacity to shake the foundation of the dogma that has defined Western medicine.

Quantum University’s contribution was to create a comprehensive curriculum to be the foundation for Energy Medicine, ‘Pro-Consciousness Medicine’, and to introduce Pro-Consciousness Medicine as the pinnacle of the most important institution in our society: the “University.”

Why is the recognition of Pro-Consciousness Medicine so crucial? Without a scientific ground and academic recognition, there is no hope of integrating most complementary and alternative medicines into the current healthcare system and shifting from a model of medicine based on disease and symptoms to a model that addresses the root of the problem and is more focused on prevention.

As I wrote in my book Creative Integrative Medicine (p xvii), “No one knows the price we are paying for an incomplete medical education.”

In 2019, healthcare spending for Americans reached $3.8 trillion, or an average of $11,582 per person. (3)  From 2013-2015, the Complementary & Alternative Medicine Industry pulled in $186.7 billion to $199 billion globally. (4)

Most of the time, we forget to include the cost of healthcare covered by private alternative and complementary care to the costs of these “Energy Medicines”. (2)

First, limiting the monopoly of therapies to pharmaceutics and surgery is becoming unaffordable by any type of healthcare (See previous blogs). Second, a vision of health based only on disease without including the concept of health potential is already doomed. A new curriculum of natural healing or medicine should also be integrating a new evaluation system that refers to health parameters based on digital medicine and a new ‘Wellness Doctor’ who coaches clients to achieve positive healthy lifestyle choices and greater brain and heart coherence. (See previous blogs: Coaching Health Potential (5), Quantum Health Coach (QHC) and Wellness Medicine (6), and Immersive Digital Medicine (7).)

The socialization of healthcare is not the solution either. Rather, the solution is focused on how we practice medicine and on an integration of Pro-Consciousness Medicine and conventional medicine.

This new awareness has been translated into the booming Health and Wellness industry, which mostly focuses on alternative and natural approaches to health. Think about how many fitness centers or yoga classes are available in your community now, compared to only 10 years ago. Health coaches, nutritional consultants, and energy healers have sprung up all over the world and have created a new industry by addressing the growing need to treat and prevent illness in the body naturally.

Integration of the best of both medicines, conventional medicine and pro-consciousness medicine through what I call Integrative Quantum Medicine, which includes both medical and wellness doctors is the solution. (See previous blogs: Coaching Health Potential (5), Immersive Digital Medicine (7).) 

Interested in learning more about energy medicine and creating a holistic health career out of it? Enroll in our Holistic, Natural, Alternative, and Integrative medicine degree programs today!


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