The Root Chakra

The first chakra, called the Root or Base chakra, is located at the bottom of the tailbone, spinning along the axis of the spine. The Sanskrit name of the red Root chakra is Muladhara, from the words Mula, which means “root” and Dhara, which means “support.” This energy center is associated with survival, competitiveness, safety, and fear. It is considered the center of manifestation and represents the densest level of reality. This chakra is more closely related to the body’s physical vitality than any other. Pulling us down into the safety of our bodies and the shelter of the Earth, this energy vortex works like the roots of a tree, grounding and connecting us to safety and stability. It may come as no surprise that the element of the Root chakra is Earth, the dense, steady force sustaining our existence. The Root chakra is closely related to organs of elimination, the large intestine, kidneys, bladder, rectum, sciatic nerve, bottom of the feet, and adrenal glands.

The exchange of Prana, Life Force Energy, can be understood anew within the context of chakras informing a network of correlated glands, organs, and neural fibers. When unbalanced, this chakra will express itself as fear and insecurity. Grounding barefoot into the Earth, or Earthing, is a common, scientifically-validated therapy associated with Root chakra balancing. The porous glands on the soles, connected to sudomotor neurons plugged into the sciatic nerve, are free to connect the body directly into a flow of healing negative ions that exist in overabundance on the surface of the Earth. In this way, our bodies may be in a subtle energetic communication with the planet.

Balanced, the Root chakra will produce vitality, confidence, and courage.

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