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Functional vs. Integrative Medicine: Expanding Your Practice

Both, functional and integrative medicine provide care to the whole person, but it’s important to understand the critical differences between functional medicine vs. integrative medicine. When you know which approach serves which purpose, you can appropriately recommend a method of care.

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Mastering Singularity

When advanced technology (Vacuum Engineering), is merged with the meditative experience of Singularity (Point Omega) collectively, a civilization will have reached a level of mastery in which they will have integrated their external world with their internal world.

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Get Healthy Without Breaking A Sweat

When you’re intentionally using brainwave entrainment, you’re training your brainwaves to an intended state to achieve a result such as improved sleep, relaxation, or energy. Many people use brainwave entrainment when meditating to increase their results.

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How to Become a Doctor of Natural & Holistic Medicine

The demand for alternative, complementary, and holistic medicine has boomed in recent years. A 2022 study reported that 21% of Americans use complementary and alternative medicine, and many people feel highly satisfied with these methods. If you’re interested in working in this growing field, consider pursuing a meaningful career as a doctor of natural medicine.

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How To Get a Degree in Holistic Medicine

A career in holistic medicine can be a great fit if you want to help people improve their health and well-being. Read on to learn how to get a degree in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine and start a career in this innovative field. This guide provides an overview of the benefits, requirements, and financial costs of a holistic medicine education.

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Bringing People Together

The more silent your mind, the more present your heart, the greater your creative power becomes, the more personal, intimate, and powerful your experience is. In this instant, Intelligence becomes aware of itself.

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