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Noosphere Healing Chamber: Heal Yourself, Heal The World – Part I

By Dr. Paul Drouin

In this three-part blog we will explore the central question: Can the establishment of a virtual healing chamber online at, where participants collectively set the intention to “Heal Yourself, Heal the World,” yield meaningful impacts on both the individual and collective scale?

Drawing from the insights of Lynne McTaggart’s research and the overarching notion of collective consciousness, the affirmative answer resonates in her findings and demonstrated experiments. The alignments suggest potential benefits for individual participants and on the broader collective level. The underlying concepts embody the idea that individual healing and global healing are interconnected, and that by focusing on one, we can positively influence the other.

Lynne McTaggart has conducted a series of comprehensive experiments to demonstrate the power of intention. These experiments collectively showcase the extensive insight of McTaggart’s work in exploring the power of intention. They cover a range of areas from physical changes in matter such as seeds and water, to psychological and societal outcomes like improved health, healing, and reduced violence. Furthermore, delving into the neuroscientific domain, she underscores how intention can influence alpha brain waves. Together, these experiments contribute to the understanding of how focused intention can have profound effects on both external environments and internal states of individuals. (1)

Let’s review the results of Lynne McTaggart’s experiments to grasp the depth of her findings:

    1. Seed and Water Experiments:
      1. Topic: Influence of intentions on seeds and water.
      2. Results: Resulted in accelerated growth of seeds and shifts in water pH, suggesting the effectiveness of intention in influencing physical matter.
    2. Violence Reduction Experiments:
      1. Topic: Attempts to reduce violence in specific areas through intention.
      2. Results: Indicated a correlation between the intentions and a reduction in violence.
    3. Health and Healing Experiments:
      1. Topic: Focused on healing and health improvements through intention.
      2. Results: Participants reported personal healing and health improvements.
    4. Water Structure Experiments:
      1. Topic: Changing the energy structure of water through intention.
      2. Results: Demonstrated that focused intention could alter water’s structural properties.
    5. Stress Level Reduction Experiments:
      1. Topic: Observing the effect of intention on reducing stress levels.
      2. Results: Showed clear differences in before-and-after stress levels.
    6. Quantum University’s Power of Eight Experiment:
      1. Topic: Effects of group intention on participants themselves.
      2. Results: Significant personal improvements in various aspects of participants’ lives.
    7. Quantum University: Experiment with Dr. Jeffrey Fannin:
      1. Topic: Impact of group intention on alpha brain waves.
      2. Objective: Lower the alpha waves in participants’ brains.
      3. Results: Demonstrated an increase in alpha waves, indicating a successful impact of collective intention.

As you can see, each of these experiments highlights an aspect of intentions’ transformative potential. From physical shifts in matter to psychological and societal effects, her findings collectively suggest that focused intention, in a group setting or at a distance, might have profound effects on both the external environment and internal states of individuals. (2)

The Power of Intention on Collective Consciousness

To further refine research concerning whether one thought, “Heal Yourself, Heal the World”, can have an effect on collective consciousness, we turn our attention to another experiment of Lynne McTaggart. The experiment sought to measure variations in random event generators worldwide during moments of shared intention.

In this experiment, Lynne McTaggart and her team asked participants to focus their intentions simultaneously during a set period and measured the output of random event generators to see if there was any deviation that could be correlated with the timing of the collective intention. This experiment aimed to explore whether a unified thought or intention from a group of people at a distance could have a measurable impact on a global scale, potentially influencing or aligning with the collective consciousness. (3)

Let’s explore the experiment’s findings:

Impact on Individual Participants:

      • Psychological and Emotional Benefits: Engaging in a focused intention to heal can promote positive psychological states. Participants may experience personal healing, reduced stress levels, and enhanced emotional well-being.
      • Sense of Community and Connection: Being part of a collective effort can foster a sense of belonging and interconnectedness, which is beneficial for mental health.
      • Empowerment and Agency: Actively participating in a healing intention can give individuals a sense of agency and control over their well-being, which is empowering.


Impact on the Collective:

      • Collective Consciousness Shift: A large group focusing on a unified intention could theoretically influence collective consciousness, promoting a more compassionate, healing-oriented mindset on a broader scale.
      • Social and Cultural Ripple Effects: Collective intention can create a ripple effect, influencing social and cultural norms towards more empathetic and holistic approaches to healing and well-being.
      • Global Harmony and Peace: Such initiatives can contribute to a sense of global unity and peace, as people come together with a common purpose which transcends individual differences.
      • Synergistic Effect: The interaction between individual and collective impacts can create a synergistic effect. As individuals feel better, their improved state contributes more effectively to the collective intention, and vice versa. This cycle can amplify the overall impact.


The results of this experiment, combined with Lynne McTaggart’s extensive research, lead to a compelling conclusion: creating a virtual chamber online where participants share the intention “Heal Yourself, Heal the World” could potentially have significant impacts both on an individual level and on a collective scale.

In conclusion, our exploration into the profound implications of intention and collective consciousness offers a compelling vision for transformative healing. In our upcoming blog, we will delve into amplifying the potential of intentional healing with the revolutionary quantum technology, vacuum engineering, resulting from dedicated research by Nassim Haramein to further explore the potential of a virtual healing chamber in ‘Noosphere Healing Chamber: Heal Yourself, Heal The World – Part II.’


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