The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, the Sacral or Sex chakra, is located above the genitals and below the belly button, rotating along the spine. In Sanskrit this orange chakra is called Svadhisthana, which translates to “the place of the self.”

The Sacral chakra is related to mental concepts such as emotion, desire, sexuality, flow, and change. Physically, the Sacral chakra is related to reproduction, circulation, the uterus, ovaries, testes, pelvis, prostate, and the lower back. The element of the Sacral chakra is Water, representing the fluid transfer of energy within the body.

Your Sacral chakra is the center of pleasure and lust. When unfulfilled lust and negative feelings permeate your consciousness, this chakra is unbalanced, producing low back pain, impotence, ovarian cysts, and more.

When clean and balanced, this chakra will create a powerful sex drive, creativity, and a supreme enjoyment of life.

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