The Brow Chakra

The Brow Chakra

The sixth, Brow, or Third Eye chakra, is an enchanting indigo orb rotating in the center of the brain.

Called Ajna, which means “perceive,” “command,” or “beyond wisdom” in Sanskrit, this energy center is associated with clarity, understanding, evolution, intuition, intelligence, and psychic powers.

The physical correlates of this chakra are the midbrain, hindbrain, eyes, microbiome in the sinonasal cavity, and pituitary gland. When unbalanced, migraines, sinus problems, visual defects, and some ear problems can emerge.

Healthy and balanced, the Brow chakra produces illumination, the ability to see things clearly, patience, and insight.

The Brow chakra’s element is Light, the force that reveals the true nature of all things.

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