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Mind Based Medicine For Healthcare

By Dr. Paul Drouin

Fifty years ago, quantum physics emerged as a new scientific standard and model for understanding reality, revolutionizing our society on many levels, sparking discussion of science vs. spirituality/consciousness, and transforming the core of our society. In the field of medicine, mind-based medicine has emerged as a major player in the application of this new perspective of reality. 

When neuroscience began to agree that brain neuroplasticity is possible, the next step was to implement technologies that allow for rewiring the brain. This new concept has completely revolutionized the field of psychology and medicine. The old paradigm described brain neurocircuitry as a fixed entity that cannot be influenced, an extension of the belief that most diseases are pre-determined by your genetics and that, fatalistically, there is nothing you can do about it

In an updated curriculum of medicine, the new biology is redefined and expanded to include the stunning concept that your system of beliefs can actually modify your genes (Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief, Quantum University). (1) According to Dr Joe Dispenza, another pioneer in this field, you can also create new behaviors by deliberately rewiring your brain (Brain & Neuroplasticity, Quantum University). (2) Dr. Amit Goswami also points us in the direction of the possibility of creating new brain circuitry by implementing new behaviors. This subject is certainly the core of what he described as the stage of manifestation in the process of spontaneous healing (Quantum Doctor, Quantum University). (3)

Is not the main challenge that any doctor or health practitioner encounters in his practice, “How can I support my client in creating new habits and ways of thinking, when their old habits and ways of thinking were part of the process that created the problems in the first place?” Specialized tools are required to help create the leap of awareness necessary for the client/patient to embark upon the path of restoring health to an optimal level.

Dr. Patrick Porter (4), author and inventor of BrainTap technologies, has been a major pioneer during the last decade in the field of mind-based medicine. As a medical doctor and an educator, I was so impressed by the originality of Dr. Porter’s creative mind and his brain technology that I invited him to join the faculty of Quantum University in 2007 to offer the core knowledge regarding mind-based medicine. Since then he has taught Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy at Quantum University. 

Dr. Porter has made another significant contribution by making available the application of the concept of neuroplasticity in designing audio files, in conjunction with his BrainTap technology, for a multitude of problems associated with stress or psychosomatic and behavioral conditions that a doctor must deal with in daily practice. His technology can be implemented not only in medicine but also in the field of education. The main problem encountered in online education, and probably any model of higher learning, is how to facilitate and support the student in the challenging process of acquiring new information. An important factor in the high dropout rate is directly related to both a lack of motivation and to complaints of difficulty in absorbing and remembering new information often encountered by students over the age of 40. 

Quantum University has integrated Dr. Porter’s technology to address and overcome these problems by implementing the original concept of a superlearning technology – “Quantum Superlearning  Advantage” – which is available to support students in America and worldwide. This system incorporates the knowledge that a whole-brain state and alpha/theta brainwave frequencies create the optimum learning environment, and that when learning occurs at the level of quantum consciousness, the information is more easily retained and recalled as needed. Dr. Porter’s recorded voice, in conjunction with other aspects of the BrainTap technology, guides a student through the highlights of each main course subject. These recordings can be loaded onto the student’s iPad, along with other bonus relaxing and uplifting meditations and visualizations from Dr. Porter’s library. Our Quantum Superlearning Advantage has helped thousands of students overcome their fears and optimize their ability to focus, learn, and succeed in achieving their academic goals. 

Finally, I’d like to say that Dr. Porter’s contributions have been not only to offer new technology applicable to health and to the challenges of supporting new behaviors by rewiring the brain, but also to optimize the process of learning, allowing students not only to study new concepts of potentiality, but also enabling them to achieve their own maximum potential and enhance their own well-being as they go through the learning process.

Concrete solutions to the healthcare crisis can be provided by making this unique technology, supported by the latest insights in neuroscience, available to anyone interested in generating a preventive environment for their own health.

Healthcare is in urgent need of applications derived from a new model of understanding based on the premises of quantum physics and the new concept of neuroplasticity, applications that are affordable and easily integrated both in clinics and at home. BrainTap technology will provide individuals the power to generate health and increase their infinite potential.

Let’s be realistic: new ideas are great, but without technology that reflects this new possibility of rewiring the brain, improving behaviors, and increasing health in the general population, we will not be able to make a significant difference in healthcare.

Paul Drouin, M.D.

President & Founder of Quantum University

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Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Drouin has explored and successfully integrated aspects of alternative natural healing practices and evaluation techniques with conventional medicine to provide the best outcome for his patients, dedicating his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Creative Integrative Medicine.


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