Using Genetic DNA Gene Identification to Customize Nutrition

Using Genetic DNA Gene Identification to Customize Nutrition

Presenter: Dr. Richard Clement

Learning about your genetic health is important as it can help you establish information about health and genetics, assess inherited health risks, and take control of health. Genetic testing – or DNA testing – involves testing your body’s DNA molecules directly to detect genetic disorders or genes. DNA testing is the most scientifically accurate and convenient technique for determining various relationships, including paternity or family screening, ancestry screening, carrier screening, genealogical screening, and identity testing. Recently it has been used to assess impaired wellness issues and provide the necessary data for helping and correcting a predisposition to a particular illness through diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Genetic testing for diet, well-being, and genetically-guided nutrition has become essential in human health. Dr. Clement presents the theory and practice of three affordable, easy-to-perform, and easy-to-understand assessments that can be used in the fields of weight loss, wellness, and supplementation that will revolutionize the health practitioner’s mission.

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