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The Future of Digital Healthcare

The Future of Digital Healthcare is Upon Us

New digital technologies are allowing graduates of Quantum University to help their clients by using Neurofeedback and other Biofeedback tools to monitor their progress. One of the tools our students learn to use, is the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband.

Muse Student

We believe that the Muse is an essential piece of equipment for graduates utilizing Neurofeedback in their practice and can be included at no extra cost when enrolling in certain degree programs. With over 300 students currently learning to use this advanced digital technology, a new generation of holistic practitioners are being prepared to offer the latest innovation in integrative medicine modalities.

The ability for the client to enter into meditation or play interactive games, while their brain waves are being monitored, allows the practitioner to deliver real-time feedback and helps the client take control of their own healing process.

“I believe it will be great for a client if they are new to meditation because they can slowly increase the time spent on each session. And you as the practitioner can monitor their progress locally and afar.”
– Wanda Parks (Current Student)

As the digital era of healthcare continues to expand, we will see tools such as the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband become an integral part of any Neurofeedback practitioners toolbox.

Digital Healthcare

This technology combined with the cutting-edge education received at Quantum University, enables the practitioner to help their clients facilitate their own healing; empowering them through many different healing modalities that give feedback directly on their progress.

This enables the clients to see their results in actionable scientific data that the practitioner interprets and explains.

“I was never able before to meditate on my own. The muse is excellent in teaching me how to focus and I did progress a lot lately. It’s an excellent medium for meditation, stress reduction, sleep improvement!”
– Beatrice Popescu (Current Student)

Practitioners work alongside each client, whether in person or over the internet, to achieve optimum health and well-being by focusing on the whole person – body, mind and spirit to overcome illness, stress, anxiety, dis-ease and other debilitating effects of the stressful environment we are oftentimes subjected to.

We believe strongly that we are preparing the next generation of holistic practitioners to help others take control of their own health by spreading the message of a new kind of healing – Pro-Consciousness Quantum Medicine.

Join the future of medicine and combine the powerful education at Quantum University with the digital technology of the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband.

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