Creativity in the Vital Body

Creativity in the Vital Body

Presenter: Dr. Amit Goswami

Quantum healing usually refers to a creative approach to mind-body medicine. In this lecture, I will show that the creative process can also be used for vital body healing. I will discuss how to stimulate unconscious processing for the vital body and achieve quantum leaps of healing.

I will lay the groundwork for an understanding of the Vital Body by describing consciousness and how manifestation takes place. I will then discuss how we experience and the four main types of experiences – sensing, feeling, thinking, and intuition – as well as how these four experiences interact, without an exchange of signals or exchange of energy, as contrasted with the ego experiences which are local and rely upon signals.

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The Vital Body is crucial for life. I will discuss how living matter and nonliving matter are fundamentally different and introduce the concept of tangled hierarchy in this context, as well as how the non-local morphogenetic field formats biological form, a concept that Rupert Sheldrake made explicit in biology in a book called the New Science of Life, in 1981. I will explain how the vital and physical are correlated and how feeling is a movement of the associated morphogenetic field connected with an organ, and I’ll show how, although we cannot change the physical energies very well with our consciousness, we can affect the energies of the vital with our consciousness.

I will also discuss the concept of chakras as places where there is a major organ and the associated morphogenetic field that is the blueprint of the vital physical organ, the meridians that connect the chakras, and how to nourish them. I will explain why humans have trouble being centered in our bodies, where our wonderful experience connected with the brain is connected with another tangled hierarchy that occurs in the brain itself, which represents the mind. And I will describe why what we mean by feeling is almost never pure feeling. The vital component of our feelings come from our organs, but then thoughts are superimposed, creating the emotions we normally experience.

*This presentation was part of our online event, World Summit of Integrative Medicine 2015.

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