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Autism and the Impact of the Intestinal Microbiome

Autism Awareness Month

Presenter: Dr. Timothy Buie

Timothy M. Buie, M.D., is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and an award-winning pediatric gastroenterologist working at the Lurie Center of Autism, a program at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children thatt treats children with autism from a multidisciplinary medical care point of view.

In this video Dr. Buie talks about the microbiome and how it appears to affect children with autism. He introduces an autistic child who exhibited behaviors that could be quite extreme, which were remarkably diminished when he was treated for his accompanying gastrointestinal problems.

Dr. Buie also discusses a study relating to the brain-gut connection that showed how the dysbiosis resulting from antibiotic exposure caused autistic-like behavior in mice, which was later normalized by the introduction of probiotics.

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