Creative Integrative Medicine: A Vision for Healthcare

Creative Integrative Medicine A Vision for Healthcare

There was a time when it was convenient to think that the earth was flat, but times changed and reality could no longer be denied. It is the same in medicine; there was a time when it was convenient to believe in a materialistic point of view of the human being, but reality cannot be denied any longer.

Modern medicine is in a critical situation. Somehow, it has lost its soul. During the last century its roots have grown in a materialistic foundation that acknowledges only an infinitesimal part of reality. The tree of medicine has to be transplanted into new soil where its roots can be deepened, and interlaced to reach a more complex source of healing knowledge, bringing together all traditions of healing.

I can see that modern medicine will have no choice but to take this path. On the one hand, the economic and financial pressure of the healthcare system is not affordable anymore. On the other hand, there is the growing awareness of a collective consciousness that is experiencing this new level of reality of quantum medicine.

Quantum University has allowed me to discover a larger community of people from all over the world who have come to share the same vision of healing from all avenues of growth. Collective consciousness is intertwining with individual awareness, and that is creating a butterfly effect in the medical world.

I can now envision a new generation of Healers and Doctors merging from all directions. These professionals will be trained in the Creative Integrative Medicine vision, based on the foundation of quantum physics applied to the understanding of human beings.

This new insight will allow tapping into infinite fields of healing because modern medicine will have broadened the frontiers of the perception of the human reality. This is why it is so important to establish a new model of science in the current system of medical education, just as we are doing at Quantum University.

In the coming decades, this new foundation of understanding of the human being will open up an infinitely greater number of applications of healing. When we look back at what has been done to restore health in the last century, having limited our resources to pharmaceuticals and surgery, we will be disappointed in a system of medicine that looked like the middle ages. Furthermore, we will be embarrassed that it took so long to realize that the real debate was in how medicine was practiced, and that the premise of healing was based on such a narrow-minded point of view.

Thirty years ago my colleagues would smirk when the subject of alternative medicine was brought forward, but not anymore. Today, these colleagues seem out-of-date and ready to retire. However, students who are educated in these new concepts of spontaneous healing are ready to step in and challenge healthcare with more intelligence and creativity.

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Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Paul Drouin

Dr. Drouin has explored and successfully integrated aspects of alternative natural healing practices and evaluation techniques with conventional medicine to provide the best outcome for his patients, dedicating his life to the promotion of natural health, the prevention of disease, and to bringing a greater depth and understanding to Creative Integrative Medicine.


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