Subtle Energy 101

Dr. Yury Kronn, world-renowned scientist, inventor, author, founder and lead scientist of Vital Force Technology, Research & Science Division of Energy Tools International LLC, and a major contributor to the field of non-linear quantum radio-physics. Educated in Russia’s prestigious Gorky University, Dr. Kronn was one of the leading theoreticians in high-frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics, and nonlinear optics.

Subtle Energy 101


Presenter: Dr. Yury Kronn, PhD
Host: Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D.
Duration: 30 Hours
Registration Fee: $750


Subtle Energy - Dr. Yury KronnA rapidly growing modality of integrative medicine – energy medicine – unquestionably requires from health practitioners a clear understanding of subtle energy and its many puzzling features that make its practical use much more complex than the use of well-researched electromagnetic energy.

Using subtle energy often presents to health practitioners confusing and/or contradictory explanations of the principles of their functions. This situation makes it difficult to effectively use energy medicine in one’s practice and to ensure the safe and successful progress of the modality in general.

Up until now, there has been no educational course or book available that clearly explains the origin of subtle energy, its properties, and the mechanisms of its interaction with physical matter and living organisms. However, this course, “Subtle Energy 101,” is intended to resolve the above-described awkward situation that currently exists in the field of energy medicine.

Subtle Energy 101 will give students a clear understanding of what subtle energy is and what it is not, will demonstrate algorithms governing subtle energy actions, and will discuss all possible ways it interacts with physical matter and the human body. A bridge will be established between the ancient understanding of the ‘life force’/chi/prana and modern science’s knowledge about fundamental forces acting in our Universe. It will be shown how this insight, combined with modern technology, allows for the development of methods to harness subtle energy.

This course provides practitioners with a direction for creative approaches to energy medicine and a methodology for using subtle energy medicine.


Students of this online course will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what subtle energy is, what it is not, and why their practice of energy medicine will benefit tremendously from such knowledge.
  • Learn the algorithms governing subtle energy actions so as to have an accurate and detailed “map of the terrain,” thereby improving the effective use of energy medicine in their practice.
  • Understand the relationship between ancient knowledge of the properties of the ‘life force’ / chi / qi / prana and modern experimental observations of subtle energy’s effects on physical matter and the human body.
  • Clearly recognize the role of subtle energy in the “mind’s effect on matter” and such phenomena as “placebo,” “power of intent,” and the healing effects of prayers and affirmations.
  • Learn the effects of environmental energy on the healing process and methods of adjusting the environmental conditions to maximize the healing effects of any modality.
  • Develop a sense of discernment regarding numerous energetic methods used for evaluation and healing – i.e., what can realistically be expected and what cannot.

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