Gayle Swift, PhD, RN, MSN, CRN

The IHA Way Philosophy is based on the unity of life, that we are all dynamically connected to one another.

- Dr. Gayle Swift, PhD, RN, MSN, CRN

Gayle has extensive clinical experience in healthcare and after completing her Masters’s Degree in Clinical Cardiology, became more interested in the mind-body interface and neuroscience of health rather than disease management. She became passionate about the ancient healing arts receiving training in core shamanism, transpersonal psychology, essential oils, Bach  Flowers, herbalism, and energy practices, to become certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu, Therapeutic  Touch, and becoming a Reiki Master. She has over 30 years of delving into the spiritual laws of our ancient cross-cultural healing traditions, practices, and philosophy. To deepen her knowledge of the art and science of healing she obtained her Doctorate in Quantum Medicine focusing on the role self-regulating neuroplasticity plays in our health, vitality, and well-being.  Her private practice focusing on energy medicine, personal story, and transpersonal wisdom,  created the Care of SELF, practices of what she calls the Quantum Soul-SELF to support coherence, shifting from a reactive stress response to life’s outer demands to the art of self-actualizing potential for creative innovation. She is an author, teacher, and creator of The IHA Way, the integrative healing arts program that is being taught to clinical staff in hospitals and in their communities. Her passion is in facilitating people to take the inward journey to living a  heart-centric life through the art, science, and spiritual aspects in Care of Self: shifting consciousness from an outer directed-reactive life to the inner impulse towards creativity,  innovation, and collaboration in the service to the evolution of humanity.

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