Dr. Stephen R. Sinotte, DNM, PhD, FIAS

Dr. Sinotte is an alumnus of the University of Iowa, Western Michigan University, UC San Diego School of Medicine, and Quantum University. He worked as a diagnostic virologist, University of Iowa (1966), and later as a research virologist for the Upjohn Company (now Pfizer). Sinotte specialized in x-ray crystallography of mineral and virus crystals, authored several books on mineralogy, and was elected a Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Science (1970). He served on the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America and was recognized with the National Eagle Scout Association’s Distinguished Service Award (1984).

Sinotte is currently a curator-advisor of the Pfeiffer-Hemmingway Mineral Museum in Arkansas, is CEO of Electroglass® Inc., is the GrassrootsHealth Vitamin D Practitioner for Michigan, and is author of Moving Research into Practice (2018). His Hobbies include reading, collecting crystallized minerals, nature photography, and SCUBA diving. He resides with his wife, Rebecca, near Kalamazoo.


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