Dr. Otilia Tiutin, DNM, PhD

Dr. Otilia Tiutin DNM, PhD is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a graduate of Quantum University. She started her career 30 years ago in Biology and Community Health Promotion, where she managed wellness and health education programs for corporations and health insurance companies. Since 2015, she owns a thriving practice in northern California called Holistic Center for Natural Healing where she uses cutting edge technologies in epigenetic mapping for identifying root causes of illness and guides her clients to achieve optimal health. She also has extensive experience in energy balancing, frequency healing, light & crystal therapy, and emotional healing. Her clients seek a cutting-edge approach to prevent illness or restore health and vitality at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Her passions are cooking healthy meals for her family, hiking, gardening, and teaching about natural health and healing. 

Her website is www.otiliatiutin.com

Otilia Tiutin

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