Dr. Nimisha Patel Joshi PhD, IMD, DHS, MAVIM, RPh, AAMA, APHA, Microbiologist, Yoga Acharya

Fondly known as Dr.N, Dr. N is Board certified Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian services with PhD graduated from International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine. She is also Board-certified licensed Pharmacist, graduated from Long Island University and an Ayurvedic practitioner graduated from Maharshi International University. Dr. N is microbiologist graduated from University of Gujarat, India. She is crowned “Miss Kheda” (India) 1984, and “Miss India NY” 1985. She also holds an equivalent of bachelor’s degree in Hindi (National Indian language) and classical Indian Dance Kathak with fluency in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit languages.  

Dr.N is an Independent Researcher having CIM (Creative Integrative Medicine) practice in Long Island, NY, where she embraces the incorporation of next-generation Biomodulators pioneering in Yog & Ayurved as Quantum medicine, applying her legacy of Raj Yog and creates evidence-based data. 

Apart from her CIM practice of “Non-opioid pain management at 5 dimensions, management of chronic disease and psychosomatic conditions,   she is a Dissertation professor at IQUIM for PhD students, clinical coordinator at MIU, an educational and motivational speaker, giving workshops and group health clinics on “Redefining the Health/ Future of Medicine” at communities, schools, colleges, universities, and corporates around the world, continuing her passion of bridging the gap by connecting the missing link between ancient science and conventional medicine through Quantum Principles and is humbly proud of Unique platform of IQUIM. 

Dr. N is a life member of several Medical, cultural and world organizations with recipient of Proclamation for leadership and awareness to bring unity among diversity in the County of Suffolk, NY. 

“As each seed has potential to become a tree, so is each individual has potential to succeed in a tree of LIFE”- Dr. N


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