Kim Benson, PhD, DNM, CEd(FE)

Kim is a qualified educator and has founded an in-person college and an online academy. At 25 years old, she founded a Business College in the UK with a focus on providing personal attention to each learner. She had the privilege of teaching thousands of students and became a teacher of teachers.

She holds unique qualifications for assessing and supporting students for examinations, and for the internal verification of the assessment process, granted by the prestigious City & Guilds of London Institute. She moved to BC, Canada in 2003 with her husband and 3 children. They have a hobby farm where they grow fruits and vegetables. She advocates for a whole-foods plant-based diet and has delivered 1,000+ live audience presentations in schools, colleges and universities, raising awareness of the benefits.

She recently founded the Inner Healing Academy where her passions have come together: natural pharmacopoeia and spirituality. She offers coaching in nutrition and meditation.


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