Dr. Antonio Ricardo Nahas, PhD, DNM, IMD

Physicist, Psychologist, Therapist and Writer. He conducted studies on: Traditional Chinese Medicine at Xiamen University, China; Transpersonal Psychology in Dharamsala, India; Meditation and Tibetan Buddhist Psychology at British Columbia University, Canada. Training in Biopsychology, Subtle Physiology and Energy Practices as well as Medical Biomagnetism. He is certified as a Sound Therapist and Voice Bioanalysis. Author of several books on: Psychology, Naturopathy, Acutone and Sound Therapy, Quantum Medicine and Spiritual Science. He is currently carrying out studies and research on the quantum nature of DNA and the use of scalar, sound and photonic fields in the care of the biofield. After years of clinical and therapeutic experience, he developed a new therapeutic approach known as “Holosonic Reconnection” where sound fields are produced within a specific geometric (and frequencial) arrangement targeting supramental states of activation of the inner healing potential.


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