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Methods in Breath, Movement, and Creativity

Estelle Thomson, M.A in Counselling Psychology is a leading yoga teacher and educator in the intersecting fields of expressive arts, embodied movement and psychology. With over ten years of experience, her work explores the relationship between breath, body, emotions, imagination and play. She is the founder of her Online Art & Yoga Studio where she leads Art & Yoga Immersion every month. Estelle coaches creativity and yoga one-on-one, leads numerous lectures, workshops, retreats locally and internationally.

Methods in Breath, Movement, and Creativity


Presenter: Estelle Thomson, MA
Duration: 85 Hours
Registration Fee: $800

MBMC is a collection of powerful techniques in breathing, movement, and creativity that work directly to regulate, re-educate, and rewire our brains with playful and engaging coursework. This course has gathered together a rich array of mindfulness-based practices, expressive movement, and the arts as therapeutic and transformative ways of healing. It encourages the students to apply this meaningful synergy to personal practice rituals, studentship, or clientship. This innovative and comprehensive course demonstrates the effective and potent use of mindfulness-based practice and expressive art as a necessity for health and well-being.

In the eight lessons of this course, Estelle Thomson (MA) will educate and inspire you to weave more meditation, yoga-inspired sequences, and painting meditation into daily life as a way to self-regulate, heal old wounds, and welcome the future as a more emotionally mature and wholesome human. As a therapist, clinician, school teacher, and parent, Thomson brings extensive knowledge in the trauma-healing power of imagery and sacred symbology. By providing clear guidelines for how anyone can embrace a path of self-discovery and self-care, this course’s intent is to open your spirit to an even more profound way of being in the world – as a healer, helper, and life artist.

Course Topics:

I. MBMC Introduction and Preparation

II. Creativity Unmasked

III. From the Ground Up, Wake Up!

IV. Heart Sparks: Discover the Power of Your Energetic Heart

V. Journey with Sacred Symbols

VI. Adventures in Flowers

VII. Specific Methods for Breath, Movement, and More Expressive Art Exercises

VIII. Symbol Project Finale

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explore the profound connection between breath, movement, and creativity as powerful transformative methods of healing.
  2. Confidently incorporate methods in breathing, movement, and creativity to personal practice, studentship, or clientele.
  3. Explore the necessity for personal self-expression and creativity in the wellness world. Personalize your effort as you connect with this life force.
  4. Learn how the true line of breath, embodied movement and creativity: grounding.
  5. Have a library of grounding techniques in breath, movement, and creativity.
  6. Explore the expressive art terrain as a necessity for healing and wellness.
  7. Develop a sacred symbol journey for self or a client from initial consultation to the end of the cycle.
  8. Probe the importance to a witness of community and sharing your creative work.
  9. Refine your mindfulness, movement, and creativity practice as a tool to navigate the unknown.
  10. Nourish the seed of breath, embodied movement, and creativity; know with conviction the benefit of sharing your gifts with the world.