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Earn a Degree in Holistic, Natural, and Integrative Medicine


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Enrollment Deadline: June 27, 2024

Power Up Your Potential at Quantum University

Our comprehensive curriculum in holistic health is crafted to provide you with extensive training, guiding your understanding of the body’s intricate signals. Discover how to decode its subtle cues by addressing the flow of energy and grasping the nuances of whole-person health, leading individuals towards optimal health, vitality, and wellness.

With our unwavering commitment to the evolution of digital health, we provide additional tools and bonuses to support your academic and professional journey every month. Whether it’s Quantum AI, our new intelligent study mentor designed to accelerate your learning and comprehension, or the latest digital health devices that offer practical experience of the modalities and devices discussed in your curriculum, we ensure you’re fully equipped for success and ready to apply your knowledge in real-world settings.  core degree program.

Are you ready to take charge of your future? Join Quantum University and become a catalyst for change in your community!

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We believe that everyone must be educated on how to heal themselves and others. Quantum University offers online courses and graduate degree programs in holistic, alternative, natural, and integrative medicine for those looking to join the holistic health field.

Our holistic medicine education from renowned faculty members is based on quantum physics, the science that provides a model to understand our universe and, therefore, a model to understand healing.

Transform your passion into action, join a movement to change the world, and together we will build a new future for medicine, one student at a time. Become a healthcare professional and help others get to optimal health through natural medicine.

Explore the Different Degree Programs Offered

Click on the boxes below to learn about the different holistic medicine degree programs we offer.


Learn how to integrate the foundation of modern medicine into a more multi-dimensional model of Holistic Health.


Looking to further your career in medicine? Find out about enriching your credentials in Natural Medicine.


Designed to provide licensed doctors, nurses, or practitioners with a multi-dimensional model of Natural Medicine.


Balancing family, career, and study? Supercharge your holistic medicine degree journey with a “Fast Track”. 

What Makes Quantum University the Perfect Choice for Students Interested in Holistic Medicine?

Since its establishment in 2002, Quantum University has been an innovator in online formal education.

We were one of the first institutions in our industry to offer an online course site for taking exams, streaming online video courses, and implementing virtual classrooms.

Quantum University is on the cutting edge of educational technologies with interactive protocols, virtual studio sets, and graphic animations. Our degree program offerings and evidence-based curriculum give students the scientific knowledge they need to start or advance their careers in holistic medicine.

Student Testimonials
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Learn More about Quantum University

Quantum University, established in 2002, has served over eleven thousand health science students in more than seventy countries with local, international, and multicultural staff, supportive student mentors, and world-renowned faculty members. Students can earn bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and PhD degrees leading to professional board certifications. We are proud to be at the forefront of online learning technologies, including Smart Tab Education, an innovative learning management platform, inspiring online video courses, and engaging teaching materials.

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Our friendly Admission Advisors specialize in helping you figure out the best degree path for you to take to realize the dream you have for your career. If you’re interested in an alternative or integrative medicine degree, our advisors will guide you along the way.

Helping you achieve your goals is their top priority. When you speak with an advisor, you will feel their level of commitment. If you decide to become a student, you will find that our support staff will be with you throughout your time here at Quantum University. We help you and guide you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to learn more so you can decide if our university is the right one for you, click the button below to speak with an advisor or call (833) 366-0363 to reach an Admissions Advisor now.

Quantum University Alumni Spotlight

Watch the videos of our Alumni to see how a degree from Quantum University enhanced their careers.

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