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I am a student of Quantum University...

In celebration of our global leadership in natural and integrative medicine, we are creating a video of students from around the world, and we’d love to include your greeting! Simply fill in the form below and click to record or upload a short greeting stating your name and home country and “I am a student of Quantum University.” Videos will be chosen based on location, clarity, and uniqueness. We are looking forward to seeing you!


  • If you are viewing this page on a Desktop, please use the Google Chrome browser
  • At start of video, please announce yourself.
  • Please record up to a maximum of 1 Min (60 Sec)
  • Enter your Full Name above, as you would like displayed. For Example: “Dr. Jane Smith, PhD”

Desktop Instructions

*Please use Google Chrome as your browser

Step 1: Click Record Video

Record-Video image

Step 2: Allow Use of Camera and Microphone

how Allow QU camara and mic example image

Step 3: Click Button to Start and Stop Recording

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Mobile Instructions

Step 1: Click “1. Record or Select Video File”

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Step 2: Take Video or Select from Library

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Step 3: Click “Use Video” and “2. Upload”

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Step 4: Enter Name and Email. Click Submit