Intention Power of Consciousness is a Universal Creative Force

Intention Power of Consciousness is a Universal Creative Force

By Dr. Michele Kattke 

Intention is a universal creative force that generates an energetic imprint that expresses from consciousness. In philosophy, intention is defined as a determination or will to create reality, or practically speaking, as a single-pointed resolve to focus both psychologically and philosophically on a specific goal. Intention involves coherence of the heart and mind, which then harmonizes with the energetic activity of the body to produce a result on the spiritual, energetic, and material levels of the universe. From a scientific perspective, intentions create new synaptic connections and neural circuits in the brain via neuroplasticity, which then emit frequencies based on electrical conductivity of action potentials. The frequency signature that is generated with intention or thought interacts with the quantum field via interconnected quantum-holographic networks of the mind and the universe, called the Consciousphere or Cristalsphere, to magnetically gravitate matching frequencies across space-time [1]. The practice of intention entangles information at the quantum level, meaning that two particles across space-time are energetically linked or coupled, and the action of one particle instantaneously influences the other particle non-locally. Furthermore, if the intention is charged with emotion, the intention powerfully interacts with the quantum field, as the heart produces 60 times more powerful of an electromagnetic energy field compared to the brain [2]. 


Scientific Research on the Power of Intention

Lynne McTaggart has extensively researched the power of intention and described her findings in two books, The Intention Experiment and The Power of Eight [3]. During her initial studies on quantum physics, Lynne generated quantitative scientific evidence using water and plant experimental systems that our thoughts can structure or order the quantum field, also known as the zero point energy field. In contrast to definitions of intention from philosophers, scientists characterize intention as: 1) purposeful plan of action, 2) commitment to an outcome or result, 3) projection of awareness with purpose and efficacy towards an outcome, and 4) highly motivated and targeted thoughts. Interestingly, Lynne observed that intention has a central, participatory role in creating reality and acts as a potent energy to perform work and influence the tangible world.

Intention has also been studied in water crystallization experiments by Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Masuro Emoto of the IHM Research Institute [4]. In 2006, these researchers performed a non-local, double-blinded experiment, in which a group of 2000 people in Tokyo, Japan performed a prayer of gratitude directed toward water in the IONS Laboratory 5000 miles away in California, United States. Microscopy images of the crystallized intentional prayer-treated and control water samples were blindly and independently scored by 100 volunteers, one water crystallization image at a time, on a scale from zero to six, where zero means “not beautiful” and six means “very beautiful.” Average ratings of the 24 intentional prayer-treated water crystals indicated that they were significantly more aesthetically appealing than crystals from the 16 untreated, control water samples (Figure 1). The quantitative results from the IONS study supports the qualitative intention-treated water crystallization images of Masuro Emoto, which compared the morphology of crystallized water from the Fujiwara Dam before and after a Buddhist monk offered a prayer (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Mean aesthetic ratings by 100 independent judges blind to the condition of each image, for 40 crystals blindly identified by an analyst. Grand means for the 24 treated and 16 control samples are identified with dashed lines. Figure referenced from Radin et al. 2006 [4].

Figure 2. The Power of Intention on the Crystallization of Water. The morphology of crystallized water from the Fujiwara Dam before (left panel) and after (right panel) a Buddhist monk offered a prayer. Referenced from Masaru Emoto Gallery of Water Crystals:


Water Crystallization to Observe the Power of Intention to Affect Physical Reality

Water is a ubiquitous system in nature that forms tetrahedral geometry within the intermolecular bonding pattern of the liquid crystal lattice phase. Upon altering physical parameters, such as temperature or pressure, water molecules will undergo phase transitions from liquid-to-solid or crystalline states, in which rearrangements of the electrostatic interactions create changes in the crystal lattice geometry (Figures 3 & 4). This phase transition from tetrahedral to hexagonal geometry of the water crystal lattice is a prime example of dynamic, energetic geometry that philosophers and spiritual scientists state is the fundamental underlying nature of reality. The alternative hydrogen bonding pattern present in ice crystals generates 6-fold symmetry, which is observed as hexagonal geometry of the ice crystal lattice or snowflakes (Figures 3 & 4). These snowflake ice crystals grow along the prism plane or C-axis of the molecular crystal lattice and form diverse morphologies, including plates, needles, stellar plates, dendrites, columns, and others, according to the environmental conditions during their crystallization (Figures 4 & 5). 


Figure 3. The Nakaya snow crystal morphology diagram. Different snowflake ice crystals grow at atmospheric pressure as a function of temperature and water vapor supersaturation. Morphologies of snowflake crystallized water include solid plates, sectored plates, dendrites, needles, hollow columns, and solid prisms. Figure referenced from Libbrecht et al. 2012 [5].

Figure 4. Snowflakes or crystallized water reveal 6-fold symmetry due to the hexagonal structure formed by hydrogen bonding of water molecules in Ih ice crystals. Figure referenced from Brini et al. 2017 [6].

Figure 5. A crystallographic view of the energetic geometry of water crystallization. The structure of water molecules into 6-fold hexagonal symmetry along the unit cell axes of the Ih ice crystal lattice. Snowflakes grow along the prism plane or C-axis of the lattice.


Project Noosphere Upcoming Real-Time Crystallization Experiments on Intention

Project Noosphere is collaborating with crystallographer Dr. Michele Kattke to perform the first real-time intention crystallization experiment to directly observe with your own eyes the energetic power of intention and its effects on physical reality. As observed with snowflake or water crystallization, the intermolecular hydrogen bonding pattern of water transitions from tetrahedral geometry in the liquid phase to hexagonal geometry in the crystalline phase. In fact, this geometric phase transition, analogous to the energetic geometry of intention described in Daoist teachings, acts as the nucleation event for the crystallization reaction. Numerous previous studies have shown that intention acts as an intelligent energy or physical force that structure or order water molecules. So, the energetic force of intention can be observed in real time through the mechanism of water structuring or molecular phase transition and crystallization. For the first time ever, to the best of our knowledge, we will directly visualize the power of intention in real time.

As a daily manifestation practice, you can cultivate the power of intention using instructions from Lynne McTaggart’s The Power of Eight book [7]. Briefly, a scientifically supported intention practice includes: 

1) Forming a specific, positive intention statement

2) Closing your eyes, bringing attention inward, and clearing your mind of all distractions

3) Focusing on your breathing while inhaling and exhaling slowly

4) Cultivating the feeling of your desired outcome and imagining that this feeling is growing through your heart space as you inhale and exhale

5) Imagining with all of your senses as if your desired outcome has already occured

6) Remaining open to receive in your heart space

For more instructions on the power of intention, you can visit the Project Noosphere new website which will be launched in the coming weeks. For more details about the real-time intention crystallization experiment, please contact Dr. Michele Kattke at



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