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Humanitarian Program

The Quantum University Humanitarian Program

We believe that to advance integrative quantum medicine within the medical mainstream, its practitioners must learn to embrace humanitarian volunteering as a meaningful part of their personal and professional practice.

Become a Quantum Hero

Charlene Reeves being given the “Quantum Hero” award.

In order to manifest this humanitarian vision for the future of medicine and contribute philanthropically on a global stage, we collaborated with the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM), and created the Quantum University Humanitarian Program.

The Humanitarian Program offers students tuition awards at the time of enrollment.

These tuition discounts are granted in exchange for working hours, when students commit to volunteer in a Clinic for Humanity. After board certification, graduates donate pro-bono humanitarian services to their community for anyone who needs help.

Since 2009, all tuition awards offered at Quantum University are Humanitarian Awards. Quantum University has donated over 1 million dollars in humanitarian awards for its students so that when they become graduates, they volunteer over 10,000 hours of philanthropic services in their communities. This is just the beginning. With over nine thousand students in more than seventy countries, the potential social impact of implementing Humanitarian Awards will have an exponentially positive impact worldwide.

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Join the Humanitarian Program

🌎⭐ Learn how you can be a Quantum Hero in your community and reduce your tuition costs at the same time! Our humanitarian program allows students to lower their costs by helping others. Talk with an Admission Advisor today.

What is a Quantum Hero?

A Quantum Hero is someone who wants to gain the knowledge and credentials necessary to get a Doctorate and PhD from Quantum University, but who also wants to give back to their community. Quantum University wants to reward its students who feel that the benefit of education is something to be shared. In order to do so, we have teamed up with the WONM under the “Clinics for Humanity” program and found a way for our Doctorate and PhD students to give back to their community after they receive their degrees and certification.

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